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Pattni Connection Family Profile

Mukeshbhai Valjee

Mukeshbhai come from a very well known Valjee family in South Africa. He has been an active member of Pattni Community and an influential member in the political circle in South Africa.

Mukeshbhai and Meeraben with Bhakti Charu            Uday and Sister                  

Mukeshbhai, his wife Meera and his son Uday have been very active in our website. The family worked tirelessly to take hundreds of photos during Navratri and Havan. Scanning and sending so many photos is quite time consuming. It was their effort that we all are benefiting to see how S. Africa celebrated such festivals.

The family sent some memorable photos with numerous dignitaries they met, many of them who also visited their home.

There are few photos which Mukeshbhai took of Roben Island prison where President Mandela was imprisoned.

- Editor

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