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Eulogy -

Jai Shree  


Lalpur, India 

  Om Namah

   5 - 4 - 2006

  London, U.K.

Late Shree Vithaldas Ratanshi Purshottam Dhanak, London

It is with great regret that we inform the members of our community that our beloved father, grandfather,great grandfather and great great grandfather Shree  Vithaldas Ratanshibhai Purshottam Dhanak, aged  89 very sadly passed away on Wednesday 5th April 2006. The funeral took place on Monday 10th April 2006 City of London Crematorium, Aldersbrook Road in London

Forget everything but shall never forget our parent’s love


by Hashmukh Bhimjibhai Ratanshi (nephew)

On behalf of the family of Vithaldas Ratanshi Purshottam I take this opportunity to say a few words about my adda.   

He was born in 1916 in a family of well regarded goldsmiths in Lalpur, India. He was the second of seven siblings.  As was common in those days it was a joint family with two uncles and some ten cousins.  Sadly, the majority of his siblings and cousins passed away some years ago.  As a result of losing his father at a very early age, circumstances dictated in him being made responsible for managing the business in Lalpur along with his kaka, Arjan Purshottam, when most of the male members had emigrated to Mombasa.  They developed a unique bond and had mutual respect when faced with difficult times.   

At the age of 16, he went to Mombasa and after a short period he was obliged to return to Lalpur as his father Rattanshiada was not well.  He got married thereafter, in 1936. He emigrated to Mombasa with his young family many years later.  He leaves behind three sons, six daughters, 20 grandchildren, 9 great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren.  Talk of wealth, this is how he measured his good fortune!  And to live until the ripe old age of 90 was a bonus.   

Despite his old age, he had all his faculties intact.  His memory until last week was clearer than ever.  I had the opportunity to spend many an hour talking to him about his childhood and upbringing. 

On one of my many discussions in the recent past when I visited him, we discussed his past and life in Lalpur.  He talked about the difficult times.  He recalled that he did all the shopping for the entire household.  This included sari material for all the ladies and daughters in the family.  How he would buy in bulk to such an extent that even the merchants thought that he was a fabric trader himself and refuse to sell to him!  Vithalada’s reasoning behind it was that everyone in the family should be treated equally. 

His endearing quality in a large family was his great sense of fairness.  That quality of his is his legacy.  The manner in which he addressed all the trials and tribulations of life is a lesson that we all have come to admire and learn from. 

My personal memories of him are his sense of humour, respect for others and responsibility as a head of the family, both immediate and extended. Even on his deathbed he was concerned with the welfare of others less fortunate than him. He had always said that he had no regrets for he was at peace with himself having been surrounded by his enormous family and good friends.   

There were two individuals in particular that he was most grateful to.  One was his daughter in law Nirubhabhi for the selfless care that she gave to Vithalada over the years and more so in the recent past.  And the other is the gentleman, here present, Shantibhai Limbani who had the good fortune to be with ada during his last days. 

To Shantibhai for the constant devotion in time and effort that he gave to ada.  And spending his precious time with ada.  Most important for being a friend. 

Today is a farewell to a perfect gentleman. 

Jai Shree Krishna 

 by Shantibhai Punjabhai Limbani

By Kamal Vrajlal Dhanak (grandson)

Our dearest BAPUJI was a significant pillar for his large family, in times of need he was always there for everyone, a rock amongst the family. A silent and strong willed man who was very capable of fending for himself whilst at the back of his mind he always kept the family in vision. At the age of 89 he was still very aware of family events, articulate and alert. There were many times when he would surprise us with his pin point accuracy, remarkable knowledge and his excellent memory. We all learned so many things from this man, how to respect family and your elders was one very important factor that he taught us. His family or ‘kootom’ played a very important part in his life, he built around him a lot of respect, love and such a strong bond which we would always be grateful to him. He strongly believed in unity and would always turn to him for answers and problems that could be solved by his, experience and wisdom.

He didn’t ask much from life or anyone but one thing which was important was his passion for food, his khorac. Our bapuji loved his food like his father and his brothers, his desire to have his daily meals on time was very important. Ladva, messoobs, ghee to name a few. I remember when someone said that if he keeps on eating like this he would suffer later in life…his answer to that was “meh atla verus toh kaidha…..why stop now. He was certainly right!

It seems strange now that he has gone, yet we all think he is still around. Involved in his daily routine, waiting for his lunch, taking his medicine, or just thinking to himself . Although he had a long and prosperous life we still thought he had the strength to carry on for a few more years but since last November when he was admitted to hospital he knew himself that he wouldn’t come back home, he would say to us “hoo ghareh pacho nai avoo” which was very hard to take in then, and very hard to take in now.

Bapuji will always be remembered for his strong character and he will always be with us in our memories for the rest our lives.

I would like to read a small poem which reflects a great person.

Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free

I’m following the path God has laid you see.

I took His hand when I heard him call

I turned my back and left it all.

I could not stay another day

To laugh, to love, to work, to play.

Tasks left undone must stay that way

I found that peace at the close of day.

If my parting has left a void

Then fill it with remembered joy.

Be not burdened with times of sorrow

I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.

My life’s been full, I savored much

Good friends, good times, a loved one’s touch.

Perhaps my time seemed all too brief

Don’t lengthen it now with undue grief.

God wanted me now; He set me free. 

May he rest in peace, Our Bapuji. 

-Kamal Dhanak-

We wish to convey our sincere gratitude to all our relatives, friends and well wishers for their support, sympathy, and condolences by personal visit, telephone and by e-mail.


Jai Shree Krishna


Vajubhai Vithaldas Ratanshi

Prafulbhai Vithaldas Ratanshi

Sharadbhai Vithaldas Ratanshi


Mrs Lilavantiben  Maganlal

Mrs Dayaben  Chandulal

Mrs Kanchanben  Vithalbhai

Mrs Hansaben Bharatbhai

Mrs Lataben Dineshbhai

Mrs Chandanben Sureshbhai