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Memorial Bhajans

on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th August


Jai Shree  

 Om Namah

Shri Veren Rameshbhai Rattanshi Vaya of Nairobi, Kenya

(originally Ambedi, India)

 Grand son of Late Smt. Maniben and Late Shri Rattanshibhai Vaya,

Son of Smt Kundanben and Shri Rameshbhai Rattanshibhai Vaya


It is with great regret that we inform the members of our community that Shri Veren Rameshbhai Rattanshibhai Vaya of Nairobi, aged 23 years very sadly passed away on Sunday, 20th August 2006 in a car accident


The cremation took place on Monday, 21st August, 2006 at 3.00 PM in Nairobi.

Uthamnu took place on Monday, 21st August, 2006 at Pattni Brotherhood Hall, Nairobi.

Memorial Bhajans were  held in his memory on Friday 25th & Saturday 26th August at Pattni Brotherhood Hall



(A lament from my heart)


When life as opening buds was sweet,
When your career was at peak

When you with your goal were to meet

Alas! You left us alone to standstill…


But we know

Life is a gift

Given and taken

At a time, unknown to us


In the short time that you were bestowed

We are proud of what you accomplished

We saw you as you attained

Your goal of being a pilot


Today, you are the one chosen for his garden

As he preciously picked you from us

Your soul from earth had to rise

As in heaven you had some ties


We promise, we will

Grin a smile and shed a tear,

As we know that you are not gone

But you will live on in us, forever & ever…


Pooja  Hiten Vaya





Hiten Vaya (cousin)

Viren had just qualified as a pilot from Sydney, Australia and was working towards converting his Australian pilots licence to a Kenyan one and in the meantime was helping his dad in their business.


Our family has suffered a great loss that is unbearable to bear. We, the family were extremely proud of Veren (Bilu as we called him) as he achieved his dream of becoming a pilot. We clearly remember when Bapuji (Rattanshibhai) would ask him what he wanted to become when he grew up...Bilu would answer without batting an eyelid .."bapuji i want to become a pilot!


Never the spirit was born, the spirit shall cease to be never.

Never was time it was not, end and beginning are dreams.
The Bhagavad Gita


Death can never be the end.

Death is the road.
Life is the traveller.
The Soul is the Guide

Shri Chinmoy


We wish to convey our sincere gratitude to all our relatives, friends and well wishers for their support, sympathy, and condolences by personal visit, telephone and by e-mail.


Jai Shree Krishna

Jai Shree Krishna from



Dayalal Rattanshi Vaya

Rajubhai Rattanshi Vaya

Kiranbhai Rattanshi Vaya


Pratap Dayalal Vaya

Mitesh Dayalal Vaya

Hiten Dayalal Vaya

Prashant Rajubhai Vaya

Jay Kiranbhai Vaya

Rahul (Lalu) Rameshbhai Vaya

Vimalkumar Pattni (Brother in law)



Krishna Kirankumar Vaya
Priya Vimalkumar Pattni

Sonal Kiranbhai Vaya


Smt Premlataben Dayalal Vaya

Smt. Hardikaben Rajubhai Vaya

Smt. Vandanaben Kiranbhai Vaya




Bhavna Pratap Vaya

Purvi (Pragna) Mitesh Vaya

Pooja Hiten Vaya

Hetal Prashant Vaya



Nieces & Nephew

Khushali Pratap Vaya

Vaishali Mitesh Vaya

Vriddhi Mithesh Vaya

Sahil Vimal Pattni


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Jai Shree Krishna