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     Jaya Ambe   

3 - 2 - 1938

Padhadhri, India


Om Namah Shivaya

2 - 12 - 2007

London, U.K.

Smt Dayakuvar (Dayaben) Narotambhai Dhanak


It is with great regret that we inform the members of our community that Smt Dayakuvar Narotambhai Dhanak, aged 69

very sadly passed away peacefully today early morning Sunday, 2nd December 2007 Kartak Vad Nom (9) 2064 after a short illness in London

Funeral was held on Thursday, 6th October at 12.00p.m. at Golders Green Crematorium
and Dhun, Bhajan and Prayers were held at home on Saturday 8th December 2007


Tribute by Bhasker Narottambhai Pattni (son)



No words or thoughts that I could pen down would ever express the loss and the loneliness that my family and I are feeling after our beloved mother left us for her place with GOD.


Life (Sansar) has its happy moments and sad moments, noisy moments and quiet moments – but since my childhood memories, I have always known my mother, Mrs.Dayaben Narotam Dhanak, to be the great stabilizer, the softest cushion and the heaviest anchor which kept our boat steady in life’s ups and downs.


Though she is physically gone, I find solace in the story of FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND. A devotee prayed to God to look after him as he traveled through life.


As he left a set of footprints in the sand wherever  life’s journey took him, true to HIS words, the devotee noticed a second set of footprints following him.


There were always two sets of footprints in the sand wherever destiny took him, but the devotee noticed that there was only one set of footprints in the sand during the most challenging and trying times of his life.


Feeling let down, he complained to God, “Why did you abandon me during the times I needed you the most….when I was the most vulnerable?”


God laughed and replied “No, my child. Especially during those times, I was carrying you in my arms.”


Dear mother, my last and final request to you. Do keep me company during my life’s journey. Watch over me and guide me towards the right path. If I were to make a mistake and fall, cushion the hurt. But, just like in the above story, during the most difficult and trying times of my life, I too want you to carry me in your arms.


On behalf of my father, Mr. Narotam Gordhandas Dhanak, my brothers Hitesh and Dhiresh , and all my family both in Nairobi and London, I thank all those of you who stood by us and sent condolences in person, via e-mails, telephone and shared our grief during our sad times. I am forever grateful to all those Satsang Mandal group members both in Nairobi and London for making my mother  joyous and feeling her last days with laughter.


Thank you all for your selfless services during my mother’s frequent stays at the hospital/hospice and giving her company and attending to even her smallest needs.




My dear mother, Rest in peace. Till we meet again…………



Jai Shree Krishna

Narotambhai Gordhandas Ratanshi Dhanak (husband)

Bhasker Narotambhai Pattni

Hitesh Narotambhai Pattni
Dhiresh Narotambhai Pattni

Nishita Bhasker Pattni

Trupti Dhiresh Pattni

Jayshree Hitesh Pattni

Grandchildren: Karan, Sonia, Pratik, Priyanka, Sahil and Yash


From - Priyanka Dhanak (granddaughter)
I am the grand daughter of the most loving grandmother. Baa was very generous and kind. She never said “no” to anything I asked from her.  I remember when Baa used to try and speak English she used to make me laugh by saying e-school instead of school and e-spoon instead of spoon. Her speciality was jambu and shrikand. I will miss everything baa did for me but more than that I will miss YOU BAA!


Jai Shri Krishna


From - Pratik Hitesh Dhanak (grandson)

My grandma’s Dayaben’s name was a perfect match to her character. She was so sympathetic towards everyone and full of pity (daya) for the needy people. We grandchildren were really blessed that God gave us such a precious and wonderful grandma.

My grandma was a tower of strength for all of us. She took everything in her stride and faced life’s up and down with a nice smile. Her religious wisdom rubbed on us. She used to tell us lots of religious stories that taught me the good values of life.

Now my grandma is at peace with God but I know from up there she will always watch over us. I’ll miss her and her lovely memories will always be in our heart. I love you grandma. Rest in peace.

Jai Shri Krishna


From - Sonia Bhasker Pattni (Granddaughter)

My grandmother, Dayaben, was the most sympathetic, kind and fun grandmother to have. Although I had not been with her during her last few months when she was in London, I remember every moment I spent with her when she was with us here in Nairobi. We laughed, we talked and we enjoyed.

I really miss her and she will always remain with us. 


From - Karan Bhasker Pattni (Grandson)
Oh my dearest grandma I miss you so much. You had always been there for me. my most memorable memories of you were in Mombasa when I was a small child, I can still remember you telling me the 'Hanuman' and 'Ramayan' stories, I also remember when I got into trouble the first thing I'd do was to run into your arms. You were my protector and saviour.

You will always be in my heart.

Om Shanti: Shanti: Shanti: