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Late Shree Sureshbhai (Sharad) Vithaldas Ratanshi Dhanak



First Death Anniversary - Tithi


Shree Sharad Vithaldas Ratanshi Dhanak, very sadly passed away peacefully at on Monday, 5th March 2012 Fagan Sud Baras, 2068 in London, at the age of 59.


Prathna Sabha / Prayer meetings were held in London, in Nairobi at Narotambhai Gordhandas Ratanshi Dhanak and in Mombasa at Bhailalbhai Mulji Ratanshi Dhanak for family members and friends to pay their respects.


The funeral was held on Saturday 10th March 2012 at 12.00pm at City of London Cemetery and Crematorium, Aldersbrook Road, Manor Park, London, E12 5DQ



by Hasmukh Bhimji Ratanshi Dhanak - Cousin

 (former National President, PPA UK & former Regional President, PPA London)


Eulogy at the Funeral Service


Vajubhai, Prafulbhai, Ramilabhabhi, members of the family, friends, ladies and gentlemen.


It is a sad day that we are here to say goodbye to our beloved Sharad or Pado as he so willingly called himself and was so affectionately known.


Here is a man who has left a legacy � a life so simple that makes us feel humble.  There are two things that Sharad will be forever remembered.  First and foremost making friends and secondly being an absolute fighter during his illness. 


Making friends


Ever since his childhood in Mombasa, Sharad had a natural ability to make friends with people of all ages.  He made friends with local Africans, Arabs, neighbours.  Persons of his age, elders and younger people.  He made social friends who regard him dearly even to this day after some 50 years.  Above all he had the energy to keep hold of all his friends and maintain his friendships.  In adulthood his circle of friends widened to people of all social backgrounds that included businessmen, professionals and even CEOs of companies.  Indeed I speak for all his friends, and I include myself as one, that we simply could not get enough of Sharad�s company.  I am one of the fortunate ones who had been in touch with him throughout his life, from school days to his working life in Mombasa, when he moved to London, when he got married and when he was well enough to travel on his various holidays to India and Kenya.  He always told me he wanted to visit Mombasa once again but for his illness in the recent past.


Here is a man who did not need the internet or social networks to keep in touch with friends, be they in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Mombasa, Nairobi, India and in UK he was his own social network. His was the simple technology of the mobile telephone and text messages.  He always kept in close contact with all his family members, cousins, sisters, nephews and nieces.  Most of whom are present today.  Who needs Facebook when you had Sharad to keep you up to date on the latest news � he certainly didn�t need it!  You will be in a minority if you say that at one point or another you had not spoken to Sharad to share a joke or to have spoken to him on the phone.  He was surprisingly sensitive at times and this characteristic of his gave him the ability to maintain such enduring friendships. Above all he had this great ability to laugh at himself.  That was his most endearing quality. 




Some of you may not be aware that Sharad had been unwell for the last 6 years.  Firstly from cirrhosis of the liver for which he had a transplant.  That was a major health issue that he faced and very nearly did not make it.  Over the years other health issues arose. Eventually it was terminal cancer.


I have witnessed it all throughout his illness the pain and suffering that he endured.  Special mention should also go to Ramilabhabhi who was there for him through thick and thin, travelling across London at all hours to be with him. So many times Sharad did not understand the medical language that he was up against.  He would call me and ask me to research for him what the medical treatment was going to be and just to get a second opinion.   I was more than happy to give him the support for which he felt reassured.  Little did he realise that in all this he was teaching me a lesson on how to fight in adversity and survive.  I actually drew strength from him.   And survive he did until last week.  Even then he was wondering if the doctors may have got it wrong that he might not live.


His attitude in life was that there was always a better tomorrow.


On behalf of all his family and friends I am happy to say � Sharad, thank you for your friendship and the happy memories that you have left behind.  That is our good fortune.  


Jai Shri Krsna



Hasmukh Bhimji Pattni