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In Memory of Kaka's

1st Anniversary


Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,

Love leaves a memory no one can steal.


This is a dedication on behalf of Late Manilal Jivan Family

on the first anniversary of the passing of

our beloved Shree Sanjay Manilal Jivan.


22nd September 1961



28th August 2005



Shree Sanjay Manilal Jivan


Our dearest Sanjay Kaka


How could you leave - without even a word or present ?


One thing I learnt in this experience off sudden loss is "Emotional expressiveness is a magical experience. We all have to cry our hearts out from time to time to purify our souls." After almost a year, last week I cried for you because I missed you and still do.  

Many things have happened; Still, I am all right. 
Today I am ready, able and willing to express myself clearly; 
Despite everything, I still love you dearly.


With blind faith in my fate, I have struggled on in frustration

doing things...  Ever thinking that success is a destination! 
How could you leave - without even a word or present - 
When I have yet to understand your final life lesson?


Be yourself, and do whatever you want but tell me what you are doing!

 I remember you said . . .  
If I could be simply and only myself, I will have it made;


Self-understanding is the first step to knowing the real Life and keeping Faith in GOD 
For years I tried, thinking that life is a fraud, that life is crap,

but you always said whatever happens,

happens you can do as much as you can do

just like Dad always says. . .


There was so much we wanted to say to you

and now there is no hope for that except regret. 
You could have enjoyed your remaining years, if not blindly;

And yet you dedicated them to us - what a rarity!


You always were strong,

and could do anything by working very hard in everything you do

from working long hours, to fixing anything and everything!
You were always doing little things for us without condition;


Rest in peace, Sanjaykaka, for your love for us has not been in vain;
You made a difference in our lives, even when we were not in any pain.
Thank you Sanjay Kaka / Mama for everything,

we love you and miss you always and forever.

God bless your soul and Jai Sri Krishna


Jai Shree Krishna  -  Nital


Also from your other Nieces and Nephews

Nishma, Neal, Trishal, Rhys. 

Manilal Jivan and Family