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Born – 1914

Lalpur, India



Late Shree

Morarjibhai Bhanjibhai

Eighth anniversary


Motiben Morarjibhai



Born – 1922
Bhanvad, India

It is with great regret that we announce the sad demise of our beloved mother Late Motiben Morarjibhai Dhanak, who passed away on Monday, 20th February 2006, leaving us all in deep grief.

We also pay tribute to our beloved father Shree Morarjibhai Bhanjibhai Dhanak who passed away eight years ago.


Forget everything but shall never forget our parent’s love


Eulogy by Grand children



When we decided we wanted to say a few words for Ba, our biggest challenge was how to convey such an eventful and fulfilled life in such a short time…


So we decided not to do that and to just remind ourselves of the ‘highlights’ in what has been a truly incredible life…


In today’s time its difficult to understand growing up in a world where we don’t know our birth date or age, get married to someone you have not met at the age of 18yrs and become a mother at the age of 20..  but these were Ba’s early years… which seem so long ago now..


To Ba, her identity and purpose were her family and her husband… when Babuji passed away we were worried about Ba’s ability to carry on… he had been everything to her for so long and followed in his shadow…but in true Ba spirit she found her way through her grief and came out of one of the most difficult and saddening times of her lifetime… this was not the first time we saw the steely determination used to fight for a life that she so loved and be with the family that she could not bare to be parted from.. she wasn’t ready then and wasn’t going to let anyone do or say differently!


The greatest thing about Ba was that she was never angry, except when someone told one of her grandchildren off. But inside she was still happy and filled with love and laughter. Ba has always been the backbone of the family and firmly believed in speaking the truth and to not be fearful of anything or anyone.


As try to describe a woman of so many qualities.. what is clear is the ‘sanskar’ she and Babuji have bestowed in their children and they in turn in theirs.. we are a testament of all that Ba and Babuji as young parents must  have hoped to sow .. today we are proud to be able to say that we are able to continue this legacy, we can only hope that we will have the strength and dedication they and our parents have shown and pass these qualities on in years to come to our children and the coming generation.. 


Even in her last moments Ba managed to keep her dignity and left the world exactly as she had planned.. having eaten well, brushed her hair, wiped her face and surrounded by those that loved her…. caring till the end for those she was leaving behind. she left us memories of her contentment, assuring us that she was happy and without pain.. and leaving us with the thought that we would see her again soon….


Lastly, we want to thank our parents for giving us the opportunity to know Ba and Babuji, our heritage and culture – where we know so many of our friends do not.. even though the road to understanding has not been easy and we didn’t always recognise the value .. we know it now…


Eulogy by Arvindkumar Jivanlal Pattni (Son-In-Law)



I have had the fortune to be your son-in-law and I would like to give my final salute to you.


You were born in India some 84 years ago. You were married at an early age. Despite lack of formal education you were able to learn the good values of our culture and heritage. And these values you imparted to your children.


You were a dedicated housewife. I know you had to carry water and firewood over large distances in Lalpur to meet the household demands. You did your duties without complaints. You looked after your husband and your in-laws with unwavering focus.


You came to Kenya around 1947 and continued performing your duties with that beautiful smile of yours. You then moved to London in 1979. Despite change in environment from Kenya to London, you continued to re-assure your children and the big joint family you were living with.


I salute you for your tolerance and forbearance to all difficulties you faced in life


Motimami, we learnt a lot from you, we learned to live with a smile and do our duties diligently. We learnt to love those who dejected us.


I salute you for having given me your daughter who also shares the values you had.


For those that had the pleasure to know you, they will appreciate you for what you were and the legacy you have left behind, this includes your children, your grand children and great grand children


Your smile and peaceful nature will always remain etched in our hearts.


Motima as you were fondly known by many, may your soul live in eternal bliss and join the great infinite as its final resting place.


Thank you

We wish to convey our sincere gratitude to all our relatives, friends and well wishers for their support, sympathy, and condolences by personal visit, telephone and by e-mail.


Jai Shree Krishna


Shivlal Morarjibhai Dhanak (son)

Mrs Kusumben Shivlal Dhanak (daughter-in-law)
Mrs Champaben Pravinkumar Shah (daughter)
Ramesh Morarjibhai Dhanak (Son)

Mrs Nirmalaben Dineshkumar Pattani (daughter)

Umed Morarjibhai Dhanak (son)

Mrs Rama Umed Dhanak (daughter-in-law)

Mrs Hasmita Arvindkumar Jivanlal Pattni (daughter)

and Late Morarjibhai Bhanjibhai Dhanak Family



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