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The philanthropic family of

Late Shree Odhavjibhai Jethabhai Vaya (originally of Nanduri)


Late Shree Odhavjibhai Jethabhai Vaya - Late Jashodaben Odhajibhai Vaya (Parents)


Late Shree Maganlal Odhavaji Vaya - Jamangar

A man of principal who led his simple life with Nishtha in Daan, Dharma & Niti.  He spent his life in a small village Nanduri near Lalpur in Jamnagar District as a Goldsmith. He served as the managing member for Shri Naduri Gaushala Samiti for more then 30 years.
His kindness, generosity, compassion, and pursuit of justice touched many lives and have left a lasting legacy for the family to pursuit.
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Late Shree Maganlal Odhavji Vaya Memorial.

Shree Jivanlal Odhavji Vaya - Nairobi

Jivanbhai was the pioneer in the family who migrated from India to Kenya and joined his uncle Shree Lalji Jetha & Company in 1948. He served the Pattni Brotherhood - Nairobi as Founding Chairman and then as Trustee. He retired in 2010 due to ill health.


Late Shree Gordhandas Odhavji Vaya - Nairobi

Gordhandasbhai, well known as Kaka, joined the elder brother Shree Jivanlal Odhavji in Nairobi in 1954.  He worked tirelessly for the family till his last breath.


Smt Narbadaben Jivanlal Vaya - Nairobi

Narbadaben was the founding member and the Chair Person of Mahila Satsang Mandal - Pattni Brotherhood Nairobi. She was an inspiration to all of us and for the community for her social work.

The philanthropic family of

Late Shree Maganlal Odhavjibhai Jethabhai Vaya


v      Sheth Shri Maganlal Odhavji Vaya Boys Higher Secondary School

      Sanskar Education Trust - Jam Khambhalia


v      Parajiya Soni Sandesh Education Fund Borivali - Mumbai

v      Community A/c Hall

      Samast Parajiya Soni Boarding - Jamnagar (Opened on 16 Dec 2011)

Shree Dwaka Parajiya Soni Vadi Nibhav Fund, Dwarka (Opened 18 Dec 2011)

Building Funds & Support

       Sanatan Dharma Mandal Temple Project- Kampala

       Various Church in Kenya Uganda and Congo

       Mosque in Uganda

       Cricket Stadium in Kamapla

       Hindu Smasan  Bhumi Bujumbara

       Gajanan Ashram (Yagna  Sala Malsar Gujarat) for Orphan Brahmin Children

       Hindu Mandal Hospital- Mwanza

       Shiv Temple - Kinshasa

Shree Nanduri Gau Shala  Funds Nanduri (Taluka Lalpur, Dist. Jamnagar)


Medical / Education funds and Aid

       Samasta Parajiya Soni Boarding Jamnagar-Medical Funds

       Pattni Brotherhood Nairobi- Medical Funds

       Sponsor a  Child every year for heart Surgery from Uganda

       Tuition Fee and Support for Higher Education 

Computer Units (Advance Education for Primary Students)

       Samasta Parajiya Soni Boarding - Jamnagar

       Sanskar Education Trust - Jamkhambhalia

       Primary School - Nanduri

       Highridge Primary School- Nairobi


v      Water Cooler with R/O Filter at

       Pattni Brotherhood Nairobi

       Samasta Parajiya Soni Boarding - Jamnagar

       Primary School Nanduri

       Primary School Sadodar (Padadhari - Rajkot)


v      Water Borehole Project

       Water Borehole Project For villagers in Congo

       Pledge for Water Borehole at Pattni Brotherhood- Nairobi


v      Sponsor and Co-Sponsor of Social / Religious activities

       Navratri at Pattni Brotherhood Nairobi

       Pattni / Lohana Community Navratri at Kampala

       Medical Camp at Lohana Academy Kampala

       Ramdevaji Yoga Camp at Kampala

       Soni Gangotri- East Africa Soni Directory

       Many other social events

       Aradhnadham - Jalaram Temple

 Nakuru Chhas Kendra


v       Disaster Relief and Aide activities in Uganda / Kenya / India & Congo

Hirendra Maganlal Vaya

Hirendra Maganlal Vaya -
Born:  19 Sep 1968

Education: B.E. Computer Science -1991

                    (M.S. University Baroda)

Work: Software Consultant

               (Ahmedabad: 1992-1995)

               Gemstones Mining Processing & Exports

               (Nairobi - Since 1995)

Social Activities

            Treasurer/Committee Member: Pattni Brotherhood Nairobi since 2003

Sanskar Education Trust Jam Khambhalia since 2009

Shree Nanduri Gau Shala Samiti Nanduri since 2009

Shri Vaya Parivar Kuldevi Temple-Jam Khambhalia since 2011

Rajendra Maganlal Vaya

Rajendra Maganlal Vaya
Born: 2nd Dec 1972    Nairobi: 1989 - 2000   Kampala - Since 2000

Work:  Forex  Exchange, Property Development, Cosmetics & General Trade

Social Activities

Chairman - Sanatan Dharma Mandal Uganda (Kampala)

Treasurer - Sanatan Dharma Mandal Uganda (Kampala)

                     Indian Association- Uganda

Member     - Bet Valley School Management - Uganda

Mrs. Kiran Rajendra Vaya

Treasurer  - Indian Women Association - Kampala

Adopt couple of schools in Uganda and Sponsor talented poor students for higher education.


Vipul Maganlal Vaya


Vipul Maganlal Vaya

Born: 7 July 1975

Work: Forex / Property Development

Committee Member:  Hindu Mandal  Bujumbura (Burundi)

Opening Ceremony of

Sheth Shri Maganlal Odhavji Vaya Boys Higher Secondary School


Jam Khambhalia on 12th Dec 2009


Opening Ceremony of the Sheth Shri Maganlal Odhavji Vaya Boys Higher Secondary School (Std/Year 11 & 12) was held at Jam  Khambhalia on 12th Dec 2009.



The ceremony, attended by over hundred guests was performed by the elders of our Vaya family - Matushree  Jasumatiben Gordhandas Vaya and Matushree Prabhaben (Pushpaben) Maganlal Vaya.

The completion of a new school was marked with an opening ceremony plaque (Anawaran) by Shree Devprashdji Bapu of Anada Bava Ashram of Jamnagar. Following the ceremony, Bapu then delivered the divine  blessings (Ashirwachan).


Chief Guest from our community were:
Shri Kantibhai Ghaghada - President, Soni Gnyati Mahamandal Jamnagar.

Shree Hasmukhbhai Sagar - President, Parajiya Soni Samaj Jam Khambhalia.

Shree Ashwinbhai Choksi - President, Gold - Silver Dealers Association, Jamkhambhalia.

Smt. Kaminiben Vijaybhai Ghaghada - Wife of the Chairman, Pattni Brother Hood Nairobi.

Many friends and relatives travelled from Nairobi, Mumbai, Rajkot, Jamnagar etc. to attend the opening ceremony.



The programme started with Vastu Vidhi Havan and other religious auspicious religious rites. In recognition of the generous donation, the trustee honoured and felicitated Hirenbhai and family by giving Sanman Patra.


The ceremony was marked by impressive presentation of traditional colourful dance and cultural show by various division of school campus from pre to primary Unit to Higher Secondary School.

The Gnati Bhojan was held in the evening for Shri Samast Parajiya Soni Gyanti Jamkhambhalia, where more then 600 members (gnatijan) were treated to a sumptuous dinner.


The evening ended with Dairo by the well known Artist Group and Hasya Kalakar Mr. Sairam Dave who got an elicited good response and was thoroughly enjoyed by the community members.


Hirenbhai Vaya and family would also like to thank and appreciate the overwhelming support received from the Chief Guest, Guests and members of our community and the residents of Jamkhambhalia to make this a memorable day to honour their father late Shree Maganbhai Odhavjibhai Vaya.


Pranbai C. Arjan Dhanak
Edtor / Webmaster


Memorial Donation

by the Late Maganlal Vaya Family in memory of Sheth Shree Maganlal Odhavji Vaya


Pushpaben Maganlal Vaya and the Vaya Family are pleased to invite

Trustees, Presidents, Committee members and Gnati members to

the Opening Ceremony of


at Jam Khambhalia


Saturday, 12th December 2009


To: Respected Editors

Pattni Connection, Parajiya Prakash and Parajiya Samachar


Dear Sirs

We are pleased to Invite Trustees, President & and commitee members of our community for the opening of SHREE MAGANLAL ODHAVAJI VAYA BOYS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL at Jam Khambhalia (Jamnagar Dist-Gujarat)- India


We will appreciate your kind presence in this function and we thank all members who have accepted our invitation and taking their time to attend.


Thank you,

Hiren Vaya & Family


Donations to Jamnagar Samaj
by Kantibhai Ghaghada, President
Soni Samaj

June 21, 2009

A Memorial Donation is a fitting way to remember a special person, while at the same time helping our community. Every year we are fortunate to receive many such donations enabling us to provide important community service.


For more photos click Album No 72 in the Photo Album

Donation of Water Cooler, Computers and Air Conditioners
Yesterday there was grand gala opening ceremony of three facilities at Jamnagar Samaj.
In memory of Late Maganlal Odhavjibhai Vaya (Nanduriwala ) their sons and family has donated Water Cooler with Aqua Purifier System (Jal Dhara ), Two Computers (for teaching to community children ) and an Air Conditioners for the office and the computer class.

Maganbhais sons Mr. Hirendra Vaya (Treasurer, Pattni Brotherhood, Nairobi), Rajendra Vaya & Vipul Vaya (Kampala) visited Jamnagar Samaj at the time of Uttar Kriya of Maganbhai and declared the above donations.

Further Donations of Rs 25,000 to Jamnagar Samaj and more assured

Hiren and his brothers have donated Rs. 25,000/- in Jamnagar Samaj Medical Fund and assured to help in serious illness to community members for any limit.

We greatly appreciate above donations. On behalf of the SHREE SAMASTA PARAJIYA SONI KELAVANI MANDAL COMMITTEE, I would like to thank the Late Magalal Vaya family for their generosity




Donation of Rs 15,00,000 (approx $31,500 USD) to build a School in Jam Khambhalia
Maganlal Odhavji Vaya Boys Higher Secondary School of Commerce

3-D Image of the school

Bhoomi poojan by the Vaya Family

The school construction work is in progress and by Nov/Dec -2009, the construction work and furniture for the school will be completed.


The school has already started for Std-11 (Year -11) in the same campus from Jun 2009 the first batch and will move to New Building in Dec 2009 / Jan 2010.

For more photos click Album No 72 in the Photo Album

Vaya family (Hirenbhai, Rajubhai and Vipulbhai) donated Rs. 15,00,000/- to Sanskar Education Trust, Jam Khambhalia to build new building for school.


There are more than 150 Parajiaya Pattni Soni families in Jam Khambhalia. Maganbhais son Hirenbhai himself has done his secondary education at SNDT High School Run by the Sanskar Education Trust from 1979-1984.


Bhoomi pujan (ground purification ceremony) was performed by their mother Prabhaben Maganlal Vaya, brother-in-law Shree Jayendrakumar Ghaghada and Sister Jituben Jayendra Ghaghada on 19/06/2009 at Jam Khambhalia. Many family members and guests along with Shree Chhaganlal Ghaghada of Dubai, Shree Subhasbhai Jagda and Shree Jaisukhbhai Jagda of Jam Khambhalia, Shree Hiteshkumar Pravinbhai Sagar of Rajkot attended the ceremony. From Jam Khambhalia, Trustees of the Sanskar Education Trust Shree Arvinbhai, Shree Kalyanjibhai and Shree Tulshidasbhai, Committee Members and past students attended the ceremony.


This generous donation got good publicity in the local newspapers. Following is the excerpt from the newspaper article:

Shree Maganlal Odhavjibhai Vaya Memorial