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Late Shantaben Maganlal and Late Shree Maganlal Chakubhai Challa



Born: Jam Kandorna 1920

Deceased: Birmingham
September 22, 2006


Late Shantaben


Shree Maganlal


Born: Jam Jodhpur 1913

Deceased: Toronto

September 29, 1993

It is with great regret to inform members of our community that Mrs Shantaben Maganlal Chakubhai Challa , aged 86  passed away peacefully on Friday 22nd September 2006 at 10.45pm.  The funeral was held on Thursday 28th September 2006 at 3.00pm.


Tributes paid at the funeral service:-


Tribute by Snehal Desai  (granddaughter)


I would just like to start by thanking everyone for attending today.  We feel overwhelmed at the amount of support we have received both in attendance and phone calls from near and far.  This has been very comforting in what is a very difficult time.


I would just like to express how lucky I feel to have had Ba not just as a person in my life, but as a grandparent.  A grandmother who chose to take a very active role in my and Jay's life.  When I was pregnant with Maya, I remember she would wake up early in the morning and the first thing she would do is rip a page from her calendar, as this brought her one day closer to seeing her great grandchild.  At my "khoro bhurvano" ceremony, despite Ba not being well, she pulled out all the stops to dress up, attend and ensure the ceremony took place in the way she wanted it to.  She said she wouldn't go before making my katlu, and sure enough, even though her condition had deteriorated further, she came downstairs and made my katlu.  Its very difficult to describe Ba, she:


loved making everyone happy

was patient

was loving

stood out in a crowd

had tremendous faith in God

was the best cook

was very strong willed and very strong minded

was courageous

was independent

was very well dressed

was always at her very best when selflessly doing things for others.....and the list goes on and on.


She was an incredible woman.


Whilst she has left a permanent void in our lives and we will really miss her.....more than words can express, we should celebrate her life.  This is what she would have wanted.  She lived a long, happy, and for the vast majority of time a very healthy life.  She shared her life with Bapuji - who was in a league of his own.  She was fortunate enough not only to become a grandparent, but a great grandparent.  All her children are grandparents!  She would want us to remember all the good times shared.  I have very fond memories which I will cherish forever  She had a way of touching the lives of so many and I am sure that you have shared good times - so cherish these.  I have learnt a lot from Ba.


There is a saying in Gujarati - The flower may fade, but its scent remains - this is very appropriate to Ba.


Lastly, I hope all of you will pray in your own way that God grants her eternal peace wherever she is.


Jai Shree Krishna


Snehal Desai

Daughter of Ashokbhai Maganlal Pattni


Tributes by Pravinbhai Sanghani (Family friend)

In memory of

Born: Jam Jodhpur 1913

Deceased: Toronto September 29, 1993.

Maganbhai grew up at Jam Jodhpur with primary school education in a temple going family with utmost faith in Shanker Bhagwan. Dire economical conditions motivated him to migrate to Kenya at tender young age in early 1930s to face rough and tumble of life by working for various merchants in Nairobi at an extremely meager wages.

Patriotic Maganbhai


However, his affinity and love for motherland led him back to India to partake in Gandhiji’s passive resistance movement, for independence (‘satyagrah’).

Passive resistance proclaimed by Mahatma Gandhi


Mahatma Gandhi became one of the pivotal figures in India's history in the Twentieth Century in his struggle to gain home rule for India.


In 1930 the Mahatma proclaimed a campaign of civil disobedience, calling upon the Indian population to refuse to pay taxes, particularly the tax on salt. The campaign was a march to the sea, in which thousands of Indians followed Gandhi from Ahmedabad to the Arabian Sea, where they made salt by evaporating sea water.


Thousands followed Mahatma Gandhi as he walked south from his commune at Ahmedabad (the capital of Gujarat) to Dandi (near Surat on the Gulf of Cambay). When they arrive they illegally made salt by evaporating seawater.


"Let the government then, to carry on its rules, use guns against us, send us to prison, hang us," Gandhi said during the march. "But how many can be given such punishment? Try and calculate how much time it will take of Britishers to hang 300 million of persons."


On 5 May Gandhiji was arrested. He was held at Yerovila Jail in Poona for the rest of the year. About 30,000 other members of the independence movement are also held in jail.


Maganbhai followed Gandhi Bapu’s satyagrah that made him languish in jail at Sabarmati in Gujarat for a few months.


Maganbhai’s Life in Africa

Maganbhai got married to Shantaben in 1934 in India and started life together in Nairobi with hand to mouth conditions.


While being still employed in a large textile firm, as manager and in decision making capacity, Maganbhai established a goldsmith business in 1941 under the name of Maganlal Chakubhai. Managing of the business for which he neither had knowledge nor any experience gave him a rude awakening. But his steadfastness, scruples and honesty made the business to flourish and in no time earned high esteem and loyalty from a huge stream of clientele.


Having worked for many well known businesses at the time and coming in contact with highly placed people made him a man of the world. This imparted him with good general knowledge and urbane disposition. In 1940s he attained the position of Secretary of Nairobi Goldsmiths Association. He always strived for the advancement of goldsmiths and jewelers in Kenya and never stalled to vent grievances to the Colonial authority on behalf of the fraternity. On social aspects he had been an avid proponent of reforms from orthodox taboos and practices. As a benefactor he had been a donor to a number of students in achieving their educational goals. He always took keen interest in our community organizations through out the world. His congenial and witty personality went a long way in blending with younger and elderly alike.

Religion and Spirituality


During the course of our daily worship we chant several mantras, path or prayer stutis. Such verses composed by saints praise the glorification of God and are the original prayers which are to be found in the scriptures of our Hindu religion. Rudri Path, especially devoted to Bhagwan Shiv, shows that all existence within us and that we are One with all the creation and One with God. This path is called Rudri


Maganbhai used recite this Maha Rudri Path by heart at the Shiv mandir during the special occasions. His thinking was that we should not experience anything dark or negative within us because Lord Shiv is there as the very centre of our being, the very source of all that is auspicious, blessed, good and beautiful within us.

Apart from concentrating his acumen on business, social and philanthropic spheres he had insatiable passion for playing bridge and walking long distances.

Jai Shree Krishna

Children and spouses:

Pravin and Saroj (Dallas,USA)

Devindrabala and Vinaykant (Dallas, USA)

Vipin and Nirulatta (Toronto, Canada)

Ashok and Late Ashwina (Birmingham UK)


Grand Children and Spouses:

Prashant Pravin Pattni and Ushma

Tushar Vinaykant Pattni and Kiran

Sandeep Pravin Pattni and Victoria

Sameer Vinaykant Pattni and Rajul

Rahul Vipin Pattni and Akshada

Snehal and Alpesh Ishwerbhai Desai

Ravi Vipin Pattni and Smita

Grand Children:

Rupal Vipin

Jay Ashok


Great Grand Children:

Vishal Prashant

Shivani Prashant

Niyanta Rahul

Maya Alpesh

Sachi Sameer

Ethan Sandeep

(Tribute was written with the information supplied by Late Maganbhai’s family – Editor)