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Jai Shri Krishna




October 10th 1971




Om Namah Shivaya




Saturday, 11th June 2011

Shree Kamal Ramniklal Govindbhai Devji Ghagada, London


The Death Of A Son - The Grief Of The Parents

There is an old saying that when a parent dies, you lose your past; when a child dies, you lose your future.


Passing of Kamal leaves behind his grief stricken family devastated by the loss of a person they called "loving", "perfect",  "amazing" and "truly special".


Mangal mandir kholo
   Dayaamay.. Mangal mandir kholo.

Jeevan-van ati vege vataavyu,
   Dwaar ubho shishu bholo.
   Dayaamay.. Mangal mandir kholo


It is our deepest regret to announce the sudden passing of our beloved Kamal on, 11th June 2011, Jeth Sud Dasam, 2067 on Saturday early morning who has left us all in deep grief. He will always be remembered as a kind, caring and happy individual who had a open outlook to life.


Born on October 10th 1971 in Mombasa, Kenya, Kamal was a true gentleman, unique in every sense of the word and today we would like to summarise a few of these characteristics from the different relationships he maintained so well, to give you an insight to how he has touched the lives of all those he knew.


Kamal was the rock of the family, and embraced with a smile, all the challenges that were thrown at him and believe me there were quite a few. He was selfless and always considered the wellbeing of others before his own and that leads me on to

Kamal the Son

A devoted son, he used to talk to me about how he could not comprehend how some people did not look after their parents and vowed to ensure he always took care of his. He truly did this well by taking good care and ensuring their needs were always met.


Kamal the brother - (Hashmeera - sister)

Kamal was the glue that bound the siblings together as both younger and older brother. He was always there for both of us.


Like any siblings, Kamal and Bingu (Jay) had their fair share of tiffs but like magnets always managed to come back together. Kamal especially enjoyed his BBQ's with his brother Bingu where he could relax and unwind and spend quality time with him. They had a very special relationship and have been inseparable since childhood.


Bingu was very protective of Kamal their childhood and is totally devastated that at the most crucial time was not able to protect him.


Kamal was my best friend, always offering words of wisdom, support and guidance and more than anything a role model brother. We talked frequently whether it be on the phone or online (MSN), he would always be there for me. A few words that express how I feel


I will miss you when something really good happens because you're the one I would want to share it with,
I will miss you when something is troubling me, because you are the one that understands me so well

I will miss you when I laugh and cry because I know that you are the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear. I MISS YOU KAMAL


Kamal the husband

As a husband he was a role-model, he loved his wife Alpa with all his heart and soul.  He would enjoy the quality time spent away with her and would love the weekends and all those stolen getaways on anniversaries and special occasions. His job at Hanron helped the romance a little with the occasional diamonds he bought so lovingly for her and not to forget the (Marcha nu shak) green chilli stir fry cooked for her which also went down a treat.


Kamal the Kaka (spoken by Radhika - neice)

With hand on heart I can truly say Kamalkaka has been a second father to Kapish and myself and we cherished the quality time he made for us. He included us in all of his family holidays without fail, the latest being a couple of weeks ago to the Isle of Wight which I enjoyed thoroughly.


Kamal made sure he came to visit us on occasional weekends with the family and the first thing he would always do is cook lovely food for us. 


Kamal the friend and work colleague

I want to share a few thoughts from one of his colleagues - Tony whose words touched our hearts 

"Kamal was a dear friend and a gentleman.  I will always remember Kamal as a sincere and caring person, always giving without expecting anything in return.  He was a very humble, friendly and sociable person with a cheeky sense of humour.  We shared such great laughter together! He valued and loved his family completely. He would talk about many members of your family with sincerity, pride and with a smile on his face.  He had such admiration for his children and respect to his loved ones."


Kamal the father (spoken by Rishika - daughter)

Pranav is the apple of daddy's eye and equally daddy was and always will be Pranav's best friend. I remember how daddy came to drop Mummy, myself and pranav off to Leicester for a break and when he left, Pranav cried for 6 hours, this is the extent of the bond father and son shared


I also have some fond memories I would like to share with you below;

I remember every day at the same time I would get a text message (when daddy was in the next room!) asking me to bring him some water up to bed,


I remember all the lectures he regularly provided to me on leaving the lights on unnecessarily, how I should never forget her culture and how I should study hard to achieve the great success he wished for me.


I remember complaining about him always cooking the food a tad too spicy and remember there never being a night go by where he did not come and kiss us goodnight. I remember teasing him about brushing his hair when he never had any to brush! And using 2 bottles of deodorant a week which demonstrates how well groomed he was. I remember fondly calling him Kamal a lot of the time instead of daddy. ---- Finally


No farewell words were spoken
No time to say goodbye
You were gone before we knew it
And only God can tell us why


As you have heard Kamal was a very special man and in his short time with us he has touched the lives of so many and provided us with enough memories to make us smile forever.


 "Jo Jag Mein Rahun to Aise Rahun, Jo Jal mein Kamal ka Phul rahe" was his motto and indeed, Kamal after all, is a Lotus flower.


Om Shanti: Shanti: Santi:


Kamal has gone Home now to serve God. If we understand as Kamal understood the important things in life - family, friends, love and laugh a lot, and live Hindu faith; we will join him there someday.


We would like to thank all our relatives & friends for their help, support, sympathy, condolences by personal visit, attending the prayer meeting, telephone and signing messages in the Book of Condolences on the website.


May God rest his immortal soul in eternal peace.


Jai Shree Krishna

Ramniklal Govind Devji - father

Bhanuben ramniklal pattni - mother

Alpa Kamal Pattni - wife

Rrishika Kamal Pattni - daughter

Pranav Kamal Pattni - son

Jaideep (Bingu) Ramniklal - brother

Hashmeera  R  Patel - sister

Late Prafulbhai Govind Devji (kaka)

Dhirajlal Govind Devji - uncle (kaka)

Rishi R Patel - brother in law

Chhaya Pattni - sister in law

Radhika J pattni - niece

Kapish J pattni - nephew

Chandrikaben Bhogilal - auntie (fai)

Bhogilal Ramjibhai Bhura - uncle (fua)