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     Jai Mataji            


Om Namah Shivaya

Gomatiben Nathalal Dhakan of Veraval, India


It is with great regret that we inform the members of our community that our Maa,

Late Gomatiben Nathalal Dhakan of Veraval, India, aged 86 years

very sadly passed away on Sunday 14th January 2007 at 11:30 pm (Indian calendar Posh Vad Nom-9 2063)


He Maa ! Tane pranam Matrudev Bhav


Khusi no khoro ne prem no palav aapje

He Prabhu ! Bhavobhav aajmanu sagpan bandhje.


Yaad tari aavshe aankh aansu saarase

'Dikra' kahi have mane kon bolavse.


Halardu taru haave  haiu j gaashe

Het badhu mamata nu marathi aghu thashe.


Radto balpanma, thatu tu aavshe

Prem thi pampari mane kon samajavshe.


Maa tara spandno haave mane jeevadshe

Tari smruti dil no dilasho aapshe.


Eeishwar ne maro jara sandesho ponchad je

Darek janma ma mane taru vahal sapadshe


Swarg ma besi mane rasto to chindhad je

Dikra ne tyathi tu taarje.


Maa tari maya maru aantar bhijavse

Lakho 'shradha suman' tari paase zankha lagse.


Jivan ma haave moti khot laagse

Sansar na samandar bharti oat aavshe.


Vandan tane 'maa' tane lakho karodo pranam

Tari j aasha bhavobhav taru j ema naam.


Tamo cho aane rahesho hamesha saathe ej shradha

Arapan atmana aasu ej suman.


Potani kuneh, kabeleeyat aane karyakusharta dwara bahujan heetay

Parmarth pravatima karyarat eva Baa ne pranam


Tamara swargma aaj pagla thavana

Swargwasio ne badha ne khabar thai gai che


Yaad rakhvu tamaro swabhav nathi

Tamane bhuli javani mari prakruti nathi


Taro j parivar putro, putravadhu, potra, potri

He Maa ! Tane pranam Matrudev Bhav


Dear Mother Obeisance to you Glories to Motherhood


Your lap of Happiness and Carriage of Love

Dear Lord for All Ages, please bind us in this Mother Sibling Relationship


Memories of you will make my eyes weep

Who will now call out Son and summon me.


Your lullabies will now be sung only in my heart

 Motherly love will now distance itself from me.


When I cried in Childhood I knew you would always arrive

And with loving cuddles who will now give me assurances and explanations


Dear mother your resources will now help me to live

Your wise counsel will now guide my heart


Please convey a small message to the Lord for me

To ensure me your love in all my forthcoming births


Whilst residing in heaven please guide me on my journeys

And deliver your son, from all the pitfalls here on earth that come my way


Mother your love will rain on the dry desert of my soul

Hundred thousand flowers of faith will wilt in your presence


Life will now be at a great loss

The tide in the Ocean of Existence will now ebb and flow freely


Salutations to you dear mother with millions and billions of my obeisance

 My expectations of you in ages to come should be filled only by you in your name


You are there and will remain with us for evermore, that is our faith

The tears of my soul I offer to you as flowers


With your own intelligence and unflinching devotion you have helped lots of others

In their service dear mother, I pay my obeisance to you


Today your footsteps will imprint themselves in the heavens

And all those present therein, already know of your impending arrival.


Your nature was always to forgive and forget

But to forget you is not in ours.


Your loving family, Sons, Daughters in Law, Grandsons and Granddaughters

Dear Mother our obeisances to you Glories to Motherhood


Translation by

 Mahendrabhai and Chandubhai Kara, London


We wish to convey our sincere gratitude to all our relatives, friends and well wishers for their support, sympathy, and condolences by personal visit, telephone and by e-mail.


Jai Shree Krishna

Late Nathalal Hamirbhai Dhakan Family


Kishorchandra Nathalal Dhakan


Om Shanti: Shanti: Shanti: