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Jai Shri Krishna
August 8th, 1957

Dr. Bharat K Pattni

Om Namah Shivaya
   July 26th, 1957

Memorial for my Beloved Brother Dr. Bharat K Pattni:

Died suddenly at the age of 42 on July 26th 2007

Eldest son of Shree Kakubhai and Shreemati Kantaben Morarji Gordhan Pattni of Tanzania/ U.S.A.; Qualified in Manipal; and further in U.S.A. Served Medical profession in Tanzania and U.S.A. - Wonderful with kids; was hoping to do his pediatrics specialization before he died on July 26th 1999 at the age of 42. Dr. Bharat K Pattni was a caring human being, compassionate doctor and generous hearted.

His sudden death has made us all numb, broken and wounded. Battered by the most unexpected, our whole family still seems devastated. We just cannot believe it still! When we wake up each day, it seemed like a horrible nightmare.

It was Monday of the July 26th, 1999, in the evening GMT time, I was banging my head and feeling miserable and two pigeons came knocking at the windows before we sat for our meals at our local time 20:00 hours. It was amazingly shocking as the message came as if from the heavens that something tragic has happened; something wrong has happened. I looked at my wife Hasmita and cried my tears out of blood and a shaktee said to me inside my heart that something tragic had happened to my brother and that he may have died. 


A sudden tragic death remains a scar upon our minds and our hearts almost as if nothing or no one could ever heal the deepest wounds of our hearts. Loosing our beloved ones in tragic death is somewhat crude and emotionally tormenting.  No one knows the real truth as it is. How did my brother die? All I know is my brother has died a tragic death. Dr Bharat K Pattni was a very daring courageous spirit of life! Somewhere in somewhat mysterious ways, a life just vanished from this earth as if by sheer unexpected lightening! Death by tragic unknown undefined cause: A POEM DEDICATED TO HIS SPIRIT

           I am a spirit of life: Let me be! Let me be!

          The great mighty powerful people of this earth who hold on to everything and control everything and even hoard love, betray those out on a limb unloved, rejected and misunderstood; whilst carrying on their lives as normal as if nothing is wrong. Where would my brother's spirit be dwelling after vanishing in the unknown, the spirit of life no longer is! All that remains is metaphoric theories. For those who live on cry and weep; weeping and crying, feeling sorry who for? When the time was right, the doors of opportunity were locked by the egotistic powers of "mine", "me", "I" much hatred and anger that the blazing fire burnt and bruised the hearts longing...What to say of the heart's longing for desire burnt itself in the blaze of life and became ashes long before vanishing in physical manifestation!

          Those who bore a hole through the tongue and bound the bygone with harsh words imprison themselves whilst putting another through misery of betrayal in love. Love cannot be betrayed. When we betray another of their right of love, we have betrayed ourselves. Time flies and we express our regrets but the dungeon of cold silence has taken everything away from us leaving us with nothing to love or to nurture…Death has freed the spirit of life for death is weaker than love you see! As the mind slips away in the dungeon of cold silence of darkness where nothing matters, the spirit of life shall be free indeed and the days will be without care or intrusion or criticism or hatred or rejection or nights without a want and grief no more shall be. If life is stronger than love, love is stronger than life and no death can destroy anyone who dies in the triumphant glory of LOVE! All things girdle our lives and this whole world is so obsessed with false power of ownership, all that is controlled and owned and hoarded fatal becomes a girdle of human life and twirled in web of chaos and paradoxes the mind wanders around in dismal apathy of all this that and the other. We often forget to rise above the bound and ground.

          Love is all there is to die for, to live for and to be for! Life and death are one even as river and the sea eventually becomes Ocean!

          Those who wept and wept at the blazing fire-pit of betrayals are witnesses to the blood-stained words unspoken. All the dreams that took birth in solitude miscarried. Alas in dire clasp of death, vanished the spirit of life, prepared a funeral pyre for 'them' using the skeletons of the sobs and hurt and grief that got trapped in the throat and died.

          Withering with the time, tides went back to the ocean the seas once wild became quiet and silent. All became quiet - one big silence. The spring arrived with a fistful of coolness from the heart of the mountains and pushed open the fancy-window of silence betray us for in due course of time; the pyre of dilemma 'death'   faces us all.

          The spirit of life vanished and the saga swallowed flame to make it a star in the nightingale and the sky became pregnant once more.

          The spirit of life says:

          "Please give birth to a star over the dead-dreams. The prowess of making fire by winding veins on the roller of ego-self and spinning it on  the sheathings covering the soul has left me long since; through the rusty windows of the five senses in a wriggling chariot pulled by the mating darkness and mist; the host with the smell of death shall arrive regardless"

          Unblinking stare of the sentinel with eyelids chopped off, is fixed; ah death thus lives be blown away by death, there is peace in the unknown there is treachery in the dungeons of this life, there is betray of life on earth for now shall I embrace the sword of truth and free my spirit from the slavery of illusion of this world in dire apathy?

          "Let me be! Let me be!" The spirit of life said:

          "A spirit of life I am, an oppressed prisoner who broke free from the dungeons of false illusions and false promises and bigotry of life I am courageous soldier not a coward for I did not covet immortality for I would never have learnt the song which has been sung through all this time in soaring heights, let me now be fervently blown away by the winds into the spacious firmament of love and freedom." "I am a spirit of life: Let me be! Let me be!"

"Aum bhur bhuvah suvahr Aum Tat Savitur Varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo naha prachoddayyatt. Aum Tat Sat Hari Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih."

Jai Shri Krishna

Vedic Consultant