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Jai Mataji      

Om Namah Shivaya

Late Champaben Jamnadas Jadavji Challa – Aged 73

It is with great regret that we inform the members of our community that Champaben Jamnadas Jadavji Challa of Nairobi, aged 73 sadly passed away on Saturday, 12st August 2006 (Indian calendar Shravan Vad Choth) in Nairobi following a short illness

The funeral took place today Monday 14th August 2006 at 2.30pm. Uthamnu took place today at 7.00p.m. at Pattni Brotherhood Hall in Nairobi.


To respect the soul of  Champaben, shog sabha (Prayer meeting) was held in London at Sangam Community Centre

Sog Sabha Proceedings


                            8:30 PM            Stuti / prayers

 Ushma Praful Soni 


8:35 PM            Dhun

                                                By Navin Damji Devji


                        8:40 PM            Lochania Bhajan

                                                By Navin Damji Devji


                        8:50 PM            Champaben Jamnadas Jadavji

                                                By Kishore Gordhandas Jadavji


                        8:55 PM            Yamunaji Bhajan

                                                By Himanshu Dayalal    


                        9:05 PM            Champaben Jamnadas Jadavji

                                                By Chhotalal Damji Devji


                        9:10 PM            Abh Sopadiya ish jeevan kaa

                                                Led by Navin Damji Devji

                                                All join in


                        9:15 PM            Champaben Jamnadas Jadavji

                                                Tribute by Hasmukh Bhimji Ratanshi


                        9:20 PM            Anjali Geet

                                                Led by Navin Damji Devji

                                                All join


                        9:25 PM            Thanks from the Jadavji Family

                                                Niru Vithaldas Shamji


                        9:30 PM            Shiv Dhun

                                                By Navin Damji Devji


                        9:33 PM            Shanti Paath

                                                By Chhotalal Damji Devji


                        9:35 PM            Express your Condolences to the Family


10:15 PM          Carriages


Opening speech by Ushma Soni

Thursday August 17th 2005


Jai Shri Krishna to Everyone,


For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ushma Soni. First of all, dear brothers, sisters and respected elders, I would like to welcome you all to this memorial service on behalf of the Jadavji family. Now, I would like to offer my most humble Pranams and Jai Shri Krishna to everyone present here today. As you all know, Mrs Champabehn Jamnadass Jadavji left her physical body a few days ago. On this occasion, I would like to share with you some of my thoughts and understandings from our sacred scriptures.


Death is the culmination of a life cycle – of birth and death. Therefore, death is a very natural and inevitable process, like the river flows into the sea and merges with it. When a loved one dies, naturally we cry because we miss them so much in our lives. But the Hindu scriptures say that we must remember and realise the Soul’s journey and give it a peaceful farewell and let it go peacefully without feeling too sad.


The soul is immortal. It is unlike the body which, according to the scriptures again, is like a set of clothes which is discarded after death. The soul is the energy: the essence of life. It is timeless; indestructible, and cannot be destroyed by any element. Actually, death marks the soul’s progression. If Karma is neutralised, the soul will not return in another body, but will attain Moksha. But if Karma is not neutralised, the soul will come back in another body to continue its work.


The physical body is made up of five elements (Punchbhutas), Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. As life leaves the body, all these five elements are given back to nature. But once the soul leaves the body, it is freed from all positive, negative, worldly and human emotions and immediately becomes absolutely pure. It is said that Atman becomes part of Param Atma; part of divinity. That is why we can put up pictures of departed loved ones in our home temples and they can be worshiped alongside pictures and idols of Gods and Goddesses because the Atma has now become part of divinity.


For the soul, life is about quality and not quantity. What I mean here is what we as human beings positively contribute to the lives of others around us. That is what puts the ‘quality’ into the life however long or short it maybe. On this note, I would like to end my thoughts with a small prayer of Goddess Durga which I will dedicate to a very special and wonderful lady Mrs Champabehn Jamnadass Jadavji.



A short tribute

by Hasmukh Bhimjibhai Pattni


This evening it is my privilege to pay tribute to a remarkable person.  Of the many memories of her that can be recalled, I shall share a few with you tonight. 


She was a lady who had responsibility thrust upon her when she got married at the age of 22.  She had to take charge of four young daughters, the eldest of whom was barely half her own age.  In fact she was young enough to even refer to her sister in law, her jethani Judavben as ‘ba’.  Shortly thereafter she had two more daughters to bring up.  She faced life’s many trials and tribulations with courage and determination.


She enjoyed the company of others – be they family, friends or neighbours.  Over the years she made many friends of all ages.  Those who had the occasion to meet her still remember her hospitality.  Visitors from London will always remember her passion for cooking and the joy she had in sharing her secret recipes.  She would put together packages for them to take away.  For those amongst you who did not come away with anything, sorry, you missed out!


Above all she was an honest and candid person. She was ever ready with a quick and very witty response.  She never harboured animosity towards anyone.  She was generous even when she was not well, and would always think of others before herself.  


In recent years she suffered from ill health.  Her legs became painful for various reasons.  But in all this she had a great sense of humour.  Many of us will remember that she used to refer to her zimmer frame as her Mercedes with which she managed to get around the house.  In fact it was her humorous nature that endeared her to all those she came across.  She had an ability to laugh about things, even at her own fears. It became a running joke that every time she travelled from Nairobi to London half her suitcase would be full of chevdo and papads.  These were for her family – her grandchildren, her daughters, her nephews.  My only complaint was what about the sons in law?  Her ready response was that all the jamais would be accorded hospitality only if we went to Nairobi!   As her son in law my personal relationship with her was very jovial. 


She was fortunate to have many grandchildren who each have many vivid memories.  She taught the granddaughters good house keeping, which they still remember for she was quite a taskmaster.  Those teachings will have no doubt left an indelible impression. 


As has Champaben!


Jai Shri Krishna

Hasmukh Bhimji Pattni


Vote of Thanks from Niru Pattni on behalf of Shri Jamnadas Jadavjibhai

Ladies and Gentlemen


On behalf of Jamnadas Jadavji and the entire Jadavji Family, I express their heartfelt appreciations

to all of you.
For being here personally to express your sympathies, and to deliver your condolences


I would also like to thank Ushma Praful, Navin Damji Devji, Harash and Himanshu Dayalali

for conducting and reciting the prayers dhun and bhajans this evening.

I would like to thank on behalf of the entire Jadavji Family, Chhotalal Damji Devji and Hasmukh Bhimji Ratanshi for those kind words


On behalf of Jamnadas Jadavji himself, I would like to express special thanks to Kishore Gordhandas and the entire Jadavji Family for showing their solidarity during this sad period


Jai Shree Krishna
Jamnadas Jadavjibhai and Family and

All members of the Jadavjibhai Family



Gujarati typing by Rajesh Jhaveri, Ahmedabad, India