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Indian community still in shock after tragic deaths at frozen Leicester lake

Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 09:30



Gujarati community in Leicester was today still in shock following the tragic deaths of two brothers who fell through ice on frozen lake.


The two men, who have been named Dinesh Chimanlal Dattani and Kishor Chimanlal Narandas Dattani, died in hospital after being found unconscious in water at Watermead Country Park on Friday.


A third brother, who also fell into the freezing cold water more than 30 metres from the lakeside, was also treated for hypothermia, but survived.

A fourth brother managed to stay on the ice.


Kishor, of Weymouth Street, Belgrave, and Dinesh, of Kensington Street, also in Belgrave, were unconscious by the time emergency services rescued them from the frozen lake at Watermead Country Park on Friday afternoon. Despite the efforts of doctors at Leicester Royal Infirmary, Dinesh, 44, was pronounced dead at 5.09pm. Kishor, 55, died shortly afterwards, at 5.30pm, yesterday's hearing at Leicester Town Hall was told.



After performing agiarmu ritual, eleventh day kriya, brothers went to the lake for the ashes immersion or for ‘pind’ immersion. Reports had also suggested the men may have been scattering ashes of their late mother Heeraben. However it was understood by police that was not the case and are awaiting coroners report.


The family of Raghvanshi Samaj (Lohana), originally came from Bhadthar village in Khambhalia Taluka, India and have been living in Leicester for many years.


Frozen Britain - Warning over Frozen Lakes Danger

As freezing temperatures and snow blight UK - more to come say weather experts, police are warning people of the dangers of skating or walking across frozen lakes. Fire chiefs are urging people to stay off frozen lakes and ponds. Walking on frozen lakes can have tragic consequences.


Sergeant Andrew Smith, of Beaumont Leys police, said: "Under no circumstances should children be playing on frozen ponds or lakes. You can never tell how much weight it can hold."


Councillor Andy Connolly, Leicester City Council's culture and leisure spokesman, said: "Walking on frozen lakes can have tragic consequences.


"We urge everyone not to put themselves, or their children at risk."


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