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Patan - Ancestral Home of Parajiya Pattni Soni Community

 Patan (Rani-ki-Vav) declared a World Heritage site by Unesco

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Parajiya Pattni History in Africa -
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Honouring Elders Initiative - Parajiya Pattni Samaj, Mombasa, 1957 Committee


A Family Reunion of Lalpur Kutumb after Four Generations


Meeting with Sagarbhai Barot in Rajkot to Digitize Soni History

Bharatbhai Narshi Mitha Pattni & Pranbhai Chhaganlal Arjan Dhanak with Sagarbhai Barot

Pattni Connection Advisory Panel Chairman Bharatbhai Narshi Mitha and Pranbhai Dhanak, Webmaster had an opportunity to go and meet Sagarbhai during their visit to Rajkot. It was absolutely fascinating to go through family records.

Barot family is like our community genealogists. They have been maintaining our Soni family history for the past many generations. Sagarbhai Barot who lives in Rajkot is our current Barot who maintains numerous handwritten books on all Parajiya Soni families.

However since Sagarbhai Barot’s sons are not willing to carry on maintaining the records, we agreed to explore the possiblity of digitizing all records and put them on the Pattni Connection.

 Meeting with Bharatbhai Rathod to digitise Barot's Books

Kumudben and Pranbhai welcomed by Bharatbhai Rathod in Rajkot

A prominent personality of our community, Bharatbhai Rathod who is a co-admin of the Matrimonial website, welcomed Pranbhai Dhanak during his visit to Rajkot.

There are three co-admins - Bharatbhai Rathod (Rajkot), Arvindbhai Dhakan (UAE) and Pranbhai Dhanak (UK) who host Paraj Vansh Matrimonial website.

Apart from discussing the progress made on the Matrimonial website, we discussed about Sagarkumar Barot’s books. Bharatbhai will explore the possibility
of finding a person who can sit regularly with Sagarbhai to digitize the records on a computer.

It is going to be a monumental task that will take several years but where there is a will, there will always be a way!

Meeting with Kantibhai Ghaghada & Narendrabhai Dhakan at Jamnagar Samaj

Narendrabhai Dhakan (L) and Kantibhai Ghaghada (R) welcomes Pranbhai and Kumudben Dhanak

Pranbhai Dhanak, Pattni Connection webmaster/editor and his wife were welcomed in Jamnagar Samaj by President Kantibhai Ghaghada and
Narendrabhai Dhakan, editor of Parajiya Prakash & Trustee of Dwarka Wadi their visit to the Jamnagar Samaj.

We discussed wide range of important issues facing our Samaj and the tremendous progress made by many Parajiya Pattni Samaj institutes in India.
Discussions included the preparation required to organise the second world gathering of Parajiya Pattnis and the grand opening of Rajkot Samaj building
in January 2020. We decided to keep working together that will make progress and bring success to our community.

Kantibhai will also be discussing with Bharatbhai Rathod about digitizing Barot's books into an e-book library.