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Dr Bhiku Pattni appointed as PEC

Congratulations to Doctor Bhiku Pattni who has been appointed as the member Primary Care Trust,  the think tank body that advices the National Health Service in UK.


Professional Executive Committee (PEC)

The Professional Executive Committee (PEC) is an important part of a Primary Care Trust. The function of the PEC is like a think tank. It is there to assess needs, examine practice and formulate policies for the PCT around clinical development. These are then put to the Trust Board for approval.


Dr Bhiku has written an informative article on Diabetes. Dr Bhiku is also inviting members to ask questions on health issues. So do send your questions and comments by e-mail to us and will be forwarded for doctor’s comments.


Message from Dr Bhiku Pattni, Birmingham, UK

I would like to start a series of articles to highlight and raise awareness of the impact and the importance of diabetes, particularly in the south Asians and our Pattni Community.


It would be useful to invite questions and comments as we go along from members of the community. Questions may be specific or general advise.



" Diabetes or to call it by its proper name, Diabetes Mellitus, is a rising public health issue. There is now evidence that we are in the throngs of a rising incidence of diabetes in the population and in particular the rise in the south Asian community is exponential. There are numerous reasons for this and we shall go into this in due course.


However the important message for this first article is identifying those at risk of developing diabetes. This is the first step. Evidence suggests that even to this date a significant number of diabetics are not being diagnosed. It is now known that early diagnosis and control by proven treatment and advise can significantly reduce the complications of the disease.


So who should be screened and who should consider themselves at risk of developing diabetes?


·        If you are of South Asian origin, the risk is multiplied ( figures vary from fivefold to tenfold as compared with Caucasians or north Europeans). Current data suggests that the incidence in South Asian community may be as high as 10 to 15 percent of the adult population!

·        If you have a first degree relative who has already been diagnosed with diabetes.

·        If you are overweight (in the next article I will go into how to calculate something called Body Mass Index or BMI which can tell whether one is overweight or not).

·        If your girth (that is the waist circumference) is greater that your chest circumference particularly in the male or the waist circumference exceeds 36 inches.

·        If you already have a lipid (fat in blood) disorder.


Remember the above are pointer to determine risk of developing diabetes.


If any of the above applies to you then consider asking your doctor or your practice nurse to screen you for diabetes. Do not delay. The test is free under the NHS and most doctors would oblige if you fall into the above category.


In subsequent article I shall discuss and highlight a condition recognised as pre diabetic or sometimes called "Abnormal glucose tolerance test".


The next article we shall look at the general lifestyle issues that are contributing to the rising incidence of diabetes.


Yours truly,


Bhikhu Pattni


Editor's Note:-

There is an excellent video in the website by Click Diabetes Type 2