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Father's Day is on June 18th 2006

Happy Father's Day

"Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices

call him father!"

To the truly great –

Proud Pattni Dads, Bapuji,

Fathers and Pops;

Sending you good wishes

for a happy father's day

Hope many good blessings

surely come your way


A Dad is a person
who is loving and kind,
And often he knows
what you have on your mind.
He's someone who listens,
suggests, and defends.
A dad can be one
of your very best friends.


How did the Father’s Day originated?
It all started in 1909 in Spokane Washington when Sonora Smart Dodd was listening to a Mother's Day sermon. Hearing that heart touching sermon, she decided to dedicate a day to her dad William Jackson Smart, who had raised her up and her siblings as a single parent after their mother died

She realised how difficult it must have been for her father to take care of all of them all alone. She decided that the greatness of her father should not go unacknowledged. To show how deeply she was touched by his sacrifices, courage, self-sacrifice and love she celebrated the first Father’s Day on 19th of June 1910, on the birthday of her father.

President Calvin Coolidge, in 1924, supported the idea of a national Father's Day. Then in 1966 President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the 3rd Sunday of June as Father's Day. President Richard Nixon signed the law which finally made it permanent in 1972.


Happy Father’s Day to all Pattni Dads



In memory of my Father
   Pooja Hiten Vaya, Nairobi, Kenya


I remember you and your bright eyes

Your love showers and chocolate surprise

How you used to take me out for a round

With love you used to heal my every wound


I still remember the day I lost you

And the last good bye when I told you

You couldn’t speak but waved and smiled

In my eyes every memory I compiled


I was seven and she was five

When you left us we had to strive

Your love and mum’s endeavor brought us here

Though far from us, you were always near


Those days, I wish I could revive

And wish that you could see us thrive

We are just like you, upright and strong

Your values will never let us go wrong


If you are watching us from the heaven today

The only thing that we want to say

Is that, we love you papa and we miss you very much

I know you are with me but I miss your tender touch…


In memory of my dearest Dad

Haresh V Dhakan, Dubai. UAE


Take me to play, take me to Mcdonald’s

Is always we tell you and you gladly take us there,

There is lot we ask and hardly have you rejected our demands

But rarely do we remember how you manage us!!


Oh Dad, let me “Thank-you” for all you did for us

Let us recall how the days go from the time we start asking

Our demands endless, while we still growing

Even till the time we are grown up, we still keep asking!!


I think it’s nice to be kids, spoilt for attention more and more

Than being grown-up, your attention gets diverted

But still you take care, all our needs, school and college

Taking us out for picnics and vacation tours to Dubai and India


Its time we realise, tomorrow we too will be like you, Dad

Hope to give the best to our kids and love them like you do.

Give them all like you give. Be happy with their SMILES and

Get the compliments “My Dad is the Best Person in the world”!!


Chandni and Roshni. London

We really are so lucky,

To have a dad like you,

Who helps us on our way through life,

In everything we do.


You’ve given words of wisdom,

And we just want you to know,

You really are the greatest dad,

And we love you so!!!


With lots of love,

Chandni and Roshni -

Kaushik Kantilal Challa. London

This poem was written by

Late Shree Bhanjibhai Dosabhai of Mbale

whenhe had come to visit Canada in 1979. 

He was my father's good friend and at that

time there weren't too many seniors here so the two of them had become very close.

Bhanjibhai wrote this beautiful poem to cherish the friendship between the two of them!

I have the original in his own handwriting.- 

Kanchan Zala, Toronto. Canada

Late Shree Gopalji Ranchhodbhai ne Yaadi

Gokul na girdhaari radiyaa ma mare….

                                Gokul na girdhaari

Paar na paame sankaadik Naarad,

ved gayaa chhe vaari…..............radiyaa ma mare

Latakaali chaal ne ghunghar ghamake chhe,

nirakhi rahyaa nar naari…….....radiyaa ma maare

Jitavaane aave te haari ne jaai chhe,

argaa rahe algaari.. ...................radiyaa ma mare

 Ramatani saath maasi putnaa ramadi,

galu to rundhaavi ne maari…......radiyaa ma mare

Najaru bhari sau nirakhe chhe dhaari,

bansi suno sukhkaari….............radiyaa ma mare

Chhoru chhe Nanda Jashoda no pyaaro,

gop ne gopi ne ramaadi…..........radiyaa ma mare

Daravaa ne laagyo chhe Kans Raajaa,

pan tene to naakhyo chhe mari...radiyaa ma mare

Neh lagaadi ne raas ramaadi,

gopi o ne preet to lagaadi...........radiyaa ma mare

Yaadav kutumb ne gaayo charaavi,

dahi dudh bhukh to jagaadi…......radiyaa ma mare

Divya darshan bhalaa kem bhulaaye,

Gopal aanand bhaari…...............radiyaa ma mare