Pattni Connection Celebrating 18th Anniversary


Message from the Chairman - Bharat Narshidas Mithabhai Pattni
February 2023

Jai Shree Krishna

In 2004 and early 2005, Pranlal C Dhanak took the initiative to set up a community website for the benefit of all Pattni Samajs and community members.

On 24th February 2005, went live and through significant efforts on Pranlal’s part, without any self-interest, PattniConnection has continued and celebrates its 18th Anniversary this February.

Facebook Group was also set up and all are running well.

In 2018, it was time to make sure that this community service continues for the future and the rights to the website were transferred to Pattni Connection Limited with an Advisory Panel set up to oversee its governance.

Pranlal continues to oversee the input and is ably assisted by Assistant Webmasters Dharmesh (UK) and Kamall (Africa).

If anyone wishes to be considered for the post of Assistant Webmaster, applications can be made to Hon. Secretary, Ajay Bhagwanjibhai (

As always, please continue to submit details of all your events, Samaj as well as any family events.  Information can be circulated on and Facebook.  Please visit


Without the support of the Community, it would not be possible to bring you all the news and information. This is your communication media. Thank you for supporting and using PattniConnection.   

I would also like to thank our Webmasters for all the time they put in voluntarily. 


Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe future. Jai Mataji.


Bharat Narshidas Mithabhai Pattni (Ghaghada)

Pattni Connection Happy 18th Birthday!

Message from the Webmaster - Pranlal C. Arjan Dhanak

Pattni Connection Proudly Celebrates the 18 Year Milestone Anniversary.

How time flies! This week is a proud moment for all Parajiya Pattni Community members worldwide. Pattni Connection was launched on 24th February 2005.

The website will complete one of the most important milestones on Friday 24th February 2023 - the eighteenth anniversary!

The website so far has achieved a traffic of over 1.8 million website visits and has over 4,400 members joining the Facebook.

Pattni Connection (PC) website has accomplished a great deal over the past 18 years. Thanks to the support by our Parajiya Pattni Soni Samaj committees and goodwill of thousands of Pattni members worldwide, we have created the most successful global website in the history of our community.

Our assistant webmasters Dharmesh Mahesh Pattni (Katira) of Leicester UK and Kamall Navin Pattni (Karchalia) of Nairobi are doing a sterling job to serve our community tirelessly updating the website and Facebook with the latest community news.

We still need more assistant webmasters, so please do let any member of the advisory team if you are interested in joining our dynamic team.


Parajiya Pattni Samaj is a vibrant community who has much to look forward to the future.

Always remember,
Pattni Connection is your website.
It is our community website.
So let us all join and progress together united.

Pranlal C. Arjan Dhanak
Editor / Webmaster / Admin - Pattni Connection