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  Invitation to
Live Recital of Shri Narayan Kavach Path

Jai Shree Krishna

Dear all family members

With the grace of God we are able to organize the Narayan kavach path on

Thursday 13th May 2021

Time: 3.00 pm onwards Dubai time (GMT +4). 

The Narayana Kavacham occurs in chapter eight of the sixth skanda of Bhagavad Puran. It is an armour to protect ourselves from our enemies seen and unseen.

We invite all over the world to join in this prayer for the protection of all the family members during the current COVID pandemic.

To participate in the recital of the path, please light a diya in your Mandir at your residence, offer some prasad, and prepare an Arti thali.

Under Shri Hiteshbhai B. Rajguru's guidance, we will all recite the path and do the Arti at the same time wherever we are, streamed live on Facebook on the link below.

Facebook Link:

It is believed that without the Daxina the Pooja is incomplete, hence Shastriji has recommended to provide any amount towards the Gav-Seva anywhere convenient to you, or to him for the same.

Narayan Kavach path text pdf attached below.

Jai Shree Krishna

 For further information please contact by WhatsApp:
Bharti H Dhanak - Dubai-UAE  +971503459667
Ashokbhai Sagar +971506979317

Facebook :

Under the guidance of Shashtri ji Shri Hiteshbhai B. Rajguru - UAE

Click PDF Text Shree Narayan Kavach

Recital of Shree Narayan Kavach in Gujarati