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Invitation: New Year Maha Kirtan Event by Chinmaya Mission 2pm til 12am!


Dear Members


Start the year with wonder, inspiration and devotion!


Join us in satsang, on the first day of 2022 to celebrate a glorious day of Maha Kirtan: The Great Reset - New Year, New Vibes, New You, New Us and a New Chinmaya Kirti!
We will be revelling in uplifting kirtan, singing bhajans and playing inspiring music from incredible singers, both traditional and contemporary, from around the World.


We start at 2pm right up to midnight; with some special singers to be revealed during the day! Also included is some of our very own Pattnis taking part, so please show your support!


Stay tuned for the entire session or pop in and out as you wish - all are welcome!


The event is a fundraiser and by donation, with all funds going to the Chinmaya Kirti Renovation project. Take a look at this visionary project here: youtu.be/IXeU6M3rGdE.
Donate here: bit.ly/MahaKirtanDonate


When: Saturday 1st January 2022 | 2pm-12am
Zoom link: bit.ly/MahaKirtan
Donation link: bit.ly/MahaKirtanDonate