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Shri Ganeshaya Namah




Hindu weddings always start by invoking the blessings of Riddhi and Siddhi na swami -

Lord Ganesh � Riddhi (prosperity) and Siddhi (success) were the wives of Lord Ganesh.


We seek blessings of Lord Ganesh to ensure that all Pattni weddings are successful and obstacle free

Weddings in India and the Middle East (UAE)




Dhruv (Bahrain) wed Jagruti (Pune) on 7 December 2014




Jagruti wed Dhruv

Mr. Dhruv Kumar Nareshbhai Sagar of Bahrain, Middle East
s/o gang.swa. Geetaben and Late Nareshkumar  Vanmalidas  Sagar
(originally from: Kodinar,  Gujarat)
Ms. Jagruti Lakhamshi Patel of Pune
d/o Rukshmani and Shri Lakhamshi Ravjibhai  Patel
(original from: Padampur, Mandvi-Kutchh)
Sunday 7th Dec 2014, - Magshar Vad 1, Vikram Samvat 2071
Pune, Maharashtra, India




Mansi Wed Dharmesh in Amreli on 18 Feb 2014

Mansi Wed Dharmesh

With the blessings of Bhavani Mataji (Katira Family Kuldevi), Tulja Bhavani Mataji (Dhorda Family Kuldevi) and the elders,

Dharmesh (B. Sc), son of Nainaben and Maheshbhai Dayalal Katira of Leicester U.K.


Mansi (MBA), daughter of Heenaben and Bharatbhai Devrajbhi Dhorda (Chauhan), Editor - Avadh Times of Amreli, India


Tuesday 18th February 2014, Maha Vad Trij 2070.


Dishank Wed Nirali in Mumbai on 24th Dec 2013



Nirali Wed Dishank

With the blessings of Mataji and the elders, DISHANK son of Smt. Vandanaben and Shri Balkishanbhai Kantilal Satikuvar (Dedanwala) of Mumbai wed

NIRALI daughter of Smt. Alkaben and Shri Dilipbhai Hargovinddas Jagda (Rajulawala) of Dubai, Hon Secretary of Parajiya Soni Samaj UAE.


 The wedding was held at Kora Kendra Ground , Borivali , Mumbai on Tuesday, 24th December 2013.




Satikuvar Parivar na Jay Shyam
Jagda Parivar na Jai Swaminarayan




Sunil wed Tanvi on 27th Nov. 2011 in Rajkot

With the blessing of Mataji and blessing of elders,
Sunil son of Smt. Mayaben and Shri Rameshbhai Keshavaji Vaya of Surat wed
Tanvi daughter of Smt. Ushaben and Shri Dhansukhlal Dhorda of Bagasara.
The wedding was held at Krisna Park Hotel in Rajkot on 27th November 2011.

Sunil is bhanej (sister's son) of Shri Kantibhai Ghaghada -
President of Jamnagar Samaj.

Indrajit wed Khusbu on 27th November 2011 in Jam Jodhpur

With the blessing of Mataji and elders,
Indrajit (A.C.C.A.), beloved son of Smt Maltiben and Shree Hareshbhai Maganlal Jethalal Dhanak (Gingniwara)
now residing in Rajkot wed
Khusbu (B.C.A.), beloved daughter of Smt Prafullaben and Shree Bharatbhai Vrajlal Vastarambhai Dhorda (Bagsarawara)

now residing in Ahmedabad on Sunday 27th November 2011 in Jam Jodhpur.









From Editor

Congratulations to Sunil & Tanvi and Indrajit & Khusbu � both couples wed on the same day!

Wedding is one of the most important and precious moment in one's life. My best wishes to both couples and all the happiness in this world on their wedding. This love song Tere Mast Mast Do Nain is dedicated to the newly wed couples. Enjoy.










Himanshu wed Rashi on 8th February 2011

With the blessings of Bapu Sitaram and the elders, Smt. Savitaben & Late Shree Shantilal Chatrabhuj Sagar, and Smt. Hiruben & Late Shree Dayalal Hirjibhai Dhanak :-

Himanshu, son of Smt. Bhavnaben and Shree Rasikbhai Sagar of Dubai (originally of Madhavpur) wed Rashi, daughter of Smt. Bhartiben and Shree Hasmukhbhai Dhanak of Dubai, on Tuesday, 8th February 2011, Maha Sud 5, 2067. The wedding was held in Dubai.


From Editor:

Himanshu and Rashi got engaged on 22nd June 2010. Click Engagement Announcements. So after months of wedding preparation, you've made it to the big day that marks the beginning of a brand new life. Best wishes to Rashi and Himanshu. Enjoy this nice medley that is dedicated to the newly wed!!





Vivek weds Rasmi in Pune on 9th December 2010

With the blessings of Mataji and with blessing of elders, Vivek (M.B.A.) son of Smt. Geeta & Shri Nareshkumar Vanmalidas Sagar, Bahrain (original from Kodinar) wed Rashmi daughter of Smt. Umaben & Shri Rameshkumar Mishra. The marriage was held at Pune on 9th December 2010 and the reception was held at Rajkot on 12th December 2010.


Vivek and Rasmi got engaged on the 22nd November 2009. Click Engagement Announcements

Wishing you all the best and that your life together will be rich in joy and love. May this day you share be filled with love and laughter. May all the days ahead be happy ever after!


We dedicate a video �tu hi to meri dost hai� to Vivek and Rasmi. Enjoy...





Khyati weds Parashar in Mumbai on 20th June 2010

With the blessings of Mataji and with blessing of elderly, Khyati d/o Smt Meenaben and Shree Nandabhai Keshavlal Jagada of Veraval weds Parashar s/o (Late) Smt Pushpaben and (Late) Shree Vinodbhai Harjivandas Sagar of Sharjah-U.A.E. The marriage was held at Arya Samaj Hall in Goregaon (W) on Sunday 20 June, 2010.


From Editor:

Your wedding day is just the start of a lifetime full of love and fun. We wish for you sweet happiness through the years. May your love grow from day to day in your marriage�s lifetime journey. This video in high definition is dedicated to Khyati and Parashar. Enjoy.



Banno Ki Aayegi Baraat



Manisha wed Shiv in Sharjah on 23rd July 2010

Mrs Hansaben and Mr Natwarlal Kanjibhai Ghaghada of Sharjah UAE are pleased to announce the wedding of their daughter Manisha to Shiv son of Mrs Prityben and Ashokbhai Visaman of Leicester  UK in Dubai, UAE



From Editor: Congratulations. May the coming years, fill your lives with love and happiness. May you have a long and loving life together.


This video from Mujhse shaadi karoge - rab kare is dedicated to Manisha and Shiv. Enjoy.











Bhumi wed Punit on Thursday 3rd of December 2009 in Mumbai

With the blessings of Mataji and with blessing of elderly, Bhumi d/o Smt Jyotshnaben and Shree Harishbhai Kishorchandra Dhakka of Mumbai wed Punit s/o Smt Jyotiben and Shree Dilipbhai Juthalal Sagar of Sharjah, UAE and the marriage was held in Shubh Aangan Hall Boriwali (W) in the evening on Thursday 3rd December 2009.

(Bhumi and Punit got engaged on 28th February 2009. Click engagement announcement.)


Congratulation and best wishes to Bhumi and Punit. We dedicate a video especially for the newly wed in high definition quality title song Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega.



Nishant weds Jalpa on December 10, 2009 at Rajkot.

With all the blessings and warm wishes to the couple for a happy life together, Mrs. Harsha Vinodrai Sagar and Mr. Vinodrai Ratilal Sagar (Madhavpur Ghed) are pleased to announce the wedding of their son Nishant to Jalpa, daughter of Mrs. Jasmina Kishorchandra Ghaghada and Mr. Kishorchandra Mansukhlal Ghaghada on Thursday, December 10, 2009 at Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

From Editor:

Congratulations to the newly weds. As you both begin your happy life, may all life's joy and pleasure be yours. We embed Nishants favourite song that he wishes to dedicate to his wife Jalpa. It�s a breathtakingly beautiful melody - as popular now as 50 years ago when the film was made. Sung by Mohammed Rafi - Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho



Bindiya weds Ashish in Vallabh Vidyanagar on Friday 11th December 2009

Mrs Meeta and Mr Pravinchnadra Bhagwanji Sagar of London are pleased to announce the wedding of their beloved daughter Bindya to Ashish, son of Mrs Joshnaben and Mr Sureshbhai Laljibhai Dhanak on Friday, 11th December 2009 in Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat, India.


From Editor: Congratulation and best wishes to Bindiya and Ashish. May your wedding day be the new beginning of an everlasting happiness. Lots of love and may Lord Ganesha showers lots of blessing upon you. To add a special sparkle and fun to the wedding festivities, we play a video of a Gujarati fatana lagna geet especially dedicated to the couple. Enjoy�



Vaishali of Fujairah wed Manu of Dubai on 10 May 2009 in Porbandar

Smt Bhartiben and Shree Hasmukhlal Ramniklal Ghaghda Fujairah are pleased to announce the wedding of their daughter Vaishali to Manu, son of Smt Mithilesh Kumari and Shree Manoj Kumar Sinh of Dubai on 10th May 2009 in Porbandar, India (Vaisakh Vad Ekam, 2065)


Congratulations and best wishes to Vaishali and Manu. May God guard your marriage and give you all the best and the happiness you deserve. We dedicate a 1966 classic to the newlywed �Baharo Phool Barsao Mera Mehboob Aaya Hai� by Mohd. Rafi from the film Suraj Music by Jaikishan Dayabhai Pankal and Shankarsinh Raghuwanshi (as Shanker-Jaikishan) starring Vijayantimala and Rajendra Kumar. Enjoy..




Falguni wed Vishal on 25 June 2009 in Dubai

With the blessings of our Ist Dev Bapa Sitaram, Mrs Vanitaben and Mr Natwarlal Shantilal Sagar of Dubai (Madhavpurwara), past President of UAE Samaj are pleased to announce the wedding of their daughter Falguni to Vishal, son of Mrs Chandrikaben and Mr Mukundbhai Sunderjibhai Dhanak of Leicester (Jetpurwara) on 25 June 2009 in Dubai (Ashadh Sud Trij, 2065)

Congratulations and best wishes to Vishal and Falguni. May your life be blessed with an abundance of love, joy and laughter. We dedicate a beautiful love song video �Aaye Ho Meri Zindagi Mein Tum Bahar Banke� from Raja Hindustani to the newlywed couple. Enjoy..




Bhavin wed Payal in Surat on 7th May 2009
Bhavin (s/o. Shri Dineshchandra Amarshi Dhanak) Rajkot got married to Payal (d/o. Shri Girish Balubhai Dhakan)

SURAT (Mota Zinzuda) in Surat on 7th May 2009

We dedicate this love song video - "Hum Tumse Dil Laga Baithe" by Udit Narayan Anuradha Paudwal to Bhavin and Payal. Enjoy...



Meenakshi wed Mahesh on 27th of April 2009 in Rajkot

With the blessings of Maa Mahakali Bhavani (Patt) and Maa Tulja Bhavani (Luhar), Hasumatiben and (Late) Shri Chandubhai Purshottambhai Patt of Rajkot would like to announce the holy matrimony of their daughter, Meenakshi, to Mahesh Kumar, son of Smt. Prafullaben and Shri. Himmatbhai Ratilal Luhar of Savarkundla on Monday the 27th of April 2009 the auspicious day of Akhatreej in Rajkot.


The Patt family and the Luhar family and friends would like to bless the couple a happy, long and prosperous life together.


We dedicate video song �rab kare tujhko bhi pyar ho jae� to Meenakshi and Mahesh�enjoy






Bhavini (Priya) wed Ashish on 8th December 2008 in Mumbai

Bhavini d/o Smt Anitaben and Shri Pravinbhai Hargovindbhai Jagda of Sharjah, UAE wed Ashish, son of Smt Pravinaben and Shri Bharatbhai Vallabhbhai Dhakan of Mumbai on Monday, 8th December 2008 in Borivali, Mumbai.

Congratualtions and best wishes to the newly weds. We dedicate their favourite video requested from the film - Tashan starring Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor. Beautiful lyrics and its meaning. Falak Tak - Come up with me till the Heavens�enjoy

Hiren wed Amruta on 17th December 2008 in Mumbai
Hiren, son of Smt Nirmalaben and Shri Laljibhai Dhakan of Mumbai (originally from Movan, Gujarat) wed Amruta, d/o Smt Heenaben and Shri Mahendrabhai Suru of Mumbai (originally from Dhundhia Pipariya, Gujarat) on 17th December 2008. Hiren and Amruta got engaged on 27th May 2008 at Borivali, Mumbai.




Kaiyur wed Rupal in Sharjah,UAE

Rupal (Daughter of Shrimati Jaishreeben and Shri Maganlal Parshotam Kagdada (Peepliwala) from Dubai, U.A.E.) weds Kaiyur  (Son of Shrimati Jyotiben and Shri Manilal Vithaldas Ghaghda (Bhaanwadwala) from Sharjah, U.A.E.) on Friday , the 11h of July, 2008 at Al Bastan Beach Hotel, Al-Khan Sharjah U.A.E.


We dedicate a beautiful song - Maahi Ve with very special beats, Dhol and good dancing�enjoy


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