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Punit got engaged to Sonia in Pune, India

Mrs Harshaben and Jayeshbhai Jamnadas Dhakan of Borivali, Mumbai (originally of Swami na Gadhada, Gujarat) are proud to announce the engagement of their son Punit (Piyush) to Sonia d/o Rekhaben and Dipakbhai Mansukhlal Sagar (originally of Sil Mangrol, Gujarat). The engagement ceremony was held at Pune on Monday, 13th August 2012.


Khushi Bhet: On this happy occasion, each family made a donation of Rs 251. 

From Webmaster:

Congratulations to Punit and Soniya on their engagement. May God's blessings be upon you both in everything you plan in your lives.


The love song "Raah Mein Unse Mulakaat Ho Gayee" is especially dedicated to Punit and Sonia. Enjoy..

Kunjal got engaged to Bhavika on 6th July 2012

Kunjal s/o Lilavantiben and Hasmukhrai Govindji  Ghagahda of Bhanvad (Jamnagar) currently residing in Sharjah got engaged to Bhavika d/o Daxaben and Sureshbhai Himatbhai Luhar of Kodinar.


Khusi Bhet - On this happy occasion, the family donated Rs 500 to each Pattni Soni Samaj at Jamnagar, Kodinar, Rajkot and Mumbai.


From Editor: Engagement is a special moment in time. Many congratulations to Kunjal and Bhavika on their engagement and wish you both every blessing and happiness in your engaged and married life together. This latest video "Will you marry me?" is dedicated to the couple. Enjoy..


Ridhi got engaged to Ravi on 30th March 2012 in Sharjah, UAE


Ridhi d/o Neetaben and Chandrakant Amritlalbhai Vaya (originally of Jam khambhaliya) currently residing in Sharjah got enaged to Ravi s/o Binaben and Mahendrabhai Odhavajibhai Dhakan (originally of Keshod) currently residing in Dubai on Friday, 30th March 2012.


From Editor

Congratulations to Ridhi and Ravi. May God bless you both as you start a wonderful journey in your new life together.

This song "Pehli Nasar mein Kaise Jaadu Kardia" is dedicated to you. Enjoy..

Pehli Nazar Mein Kaise Jaadu Kardia


Indrajit got engaged to Khusbu on Tuesday 10th May 2011 in Ahmedabad

The families of Shree Hareshbhai Maganbhai Pattni (Dhanak) - past president UAE Soni Samaj, originally of Jamjodhpur, now residing in Rajkot and Shree Bharatbhai Vrajlal Dhorda originally of Bagsara, now residing in Ahmedabad are pleased to make the following engagement announcement:


With the blessing of Mataji and elders, Indrajit (A.C.C.A.), beloved son of Smt Maltiben and Shree Hareshbhai Maganbhai Pattni got engaged to Khusbu (B.C.A.), beloved daughter of Smt Prafullaben and Shree Bharatbhai Vrajlal Dhorda on Tuesday 10th May 2011 in Ahmedabad.


From Editor
It�s a double celebration for Hareshbhai Dhanak�s family. Indrajit graduated as A.C.C.A. early this year. See Graduation Announcement. Now for his Love is in the air!! I am
so happy that your path has brought you two together. Love is not about looking each other in the eyes, but about looking together in the same direction. Congratulation and best wishes to Indrajit and Khusbu. This colorful video �koi tumsa nahin� - (there's no one like you) is dedicated to the couple. Enjoy

Kashyap got engaged to Reema on 6th May 2011 in Dubai

The families of Rathod and Beelani are pleased to announce the engagement of Kashyap s/o Jayshree Rathod & Kantilal Rathod with Reema d/o Neeta Beelani & Harish Beelani on the 6th may 2011. Both families reside in Dubai.


From Editor

Getting engaged to the person whom you love the most is the most exciting feeling one can come across. It is a special day in any couple's life. Congratulations on your engagement. We dedicate this romantic song Chori Kiya Re Jiya from the film Dabangg. Enjoy.

Sunil got engaged to Tanvi on 13th July 2010 in Surat

Sunil son of Smt. Mayaben and Shri Rameshbhai Keshavaji Vaya of Surat engaged with Tanvi daughter of Smt. Ushaben and Shri Dhansukhlal Dhorda of Bagasara at Surat on 13/07/2010 (Ashadi Bij).

Sunil is bhanej (sister's son) of Shri Kantibhai Ghaghada, President of Jamnagar Samaj.




Rashi got engaged to Himanshu on 22nd June 2010 in Dubai

The families of Shree Santilal Chatarbhuj Sagar (originally from Madhavpur) and the family of Shree Dayalal Hirji Dhanak (originally from Satapur) proudly announce the following:

With the blessings of Mataji and elders, Himanshu, son of Smt. Bhavnaben and Shree Rasikbhai Sagar got engaged to Rashi, daughter of Smt. Bhartiben and Shree Hasmukhbhai Dhanak, on Tuesday 22nd June 2010. Both families reside in Dubai.

From Editor: All the best on your engagement and best wishes for your life ahead. This video in HD quality is dedicated to the couple. Enjoy..


Madhuri Dixit - Aaja Nachle in  HD quality





From Editor:

Congratulations on your engagement.  Engagement is the day filled with joy when all your dreams come true. May you build a lifetime of happiness together.

This video "Ishq Hua" is specially dedicated to Rashi and Himanshu. Enjoy


Mukesh (Leicester) got engaged to Sima on 19th January 2010 in Veraval (Gujarat)

Mukesh (Computer Engineer) son of Smt. Nirupama & Shri Subhashbhai Vaghjibhai Luhar, Leicester (originally from Kunkavav (Rajkot)) has been engaged at Veraval with Sima (B.Com) daughter of Smt. Sonalben & Shri Rasiklal Jayantibhai Dhorda Tuesday 19th January 2010.



Vivek got engaged to Rasmi on 22nd November 2009 in Pune

Vivek (M.B.A.) son of Smt. Geeta & Shri Nareshkumar Vanmalidas Sagar, Bahrain (Original from Kodinar) has been engaged at Pune with Rashmi daughter of Smt. Umaben & Shri Rameshkumar Mishra on 22/11/2009.


From Editor: Your engagement/marriage is a special moment in time - a day to look towards the future and all it holds. We wish you both all the happiness in the world.

We dedicate this video by Sakira singing in Gujarati to the newly engaged. Enjoy



From Editor
Our warmest wishes for the best in life as you both look forward to a shared future of love and happiness and look forward for the marriage. As we are in nostalgic mood, we dedicate a great romantic song from a 1961 film. It was such a hit a song in the 60s that it does not need an introduction- enjoy

Punit got engaged to Bhumi in Mumbai on 28th Feb 2009

Punit s/o Mr. Dilipbhai Juthalal Sagar & Mrs. Jyotiben Dilipbhai Sagar residing in Sharjah,UAE got engaged to Bhumi d/o Mr. Harishbhai Dhakka & Mrs. Jyotsnaben Dhakka residing in Boriwali, Mumbai on the date 28th February 2009 and the function was held at Parajya Soni Wadi,  Boriwali(w).

We dedicate this video to Punit and Bhumi - Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega...enjoy

Bhavin got engaged to Payal on Sunday 22nd March 2009

Dhanak and Dhakan families are pleased to announce the engagement of Bhavin, s/o Taraben and Dineshchandra Amarshi Dhanak of Rajkot (native place Sadodar) to Payal, d/o Rekhaben and Girishbhai Balubhai Dhakan of Surat (native place Jinjuda) on Sunday 22nd March 2009

We have embedded a beautiful song "Thoda sa Pyar Hua Hai Thoda Hai Baki " from the movie MAINE DIL TUJHKO DIYA with full of love requested by Bhavin dedicated to Payal. Enjoy..



Rajesh got engaged to Sonal on 13th June 2008 in Ahmedabad, India

Sagar and Dhakan families are pleased to announce the engagement of Rajesh, son of Late Manshukhbhai Hamirbhai Sagar (Chitalpurvala) based at Ahmedabad to Sonal, daughter of Mrs Bhartiben and Late Jashavantbhai Pranjivanbhai Dhakan (Lakhankavala), based at Ahmedabad on Sunday, 13th June 2008

We dedicate a compilation of the most beautiful and melodic songs ever created to Rajesh and Sonal. Hope you like it.

Mehul got engaged to Krishna in Rajkot on 17.01.2009

Mehul son of Narendra Rugnath Dhakan (Dwarka - Jamnagar) (Vice President-Jamnagar Samaj) got engaged to Krishna daughter of Shri Harsukhray Laxmidas Ghaghada (Mithapur) at Hotel Imperial Palace,Rajkot on 17th January 2009

Congratulations to Mehul and Krishna on your engagement and best wishes to a happy life. May God smile upon you in your new life together. We dedicate a special video of fun and dance - Mauja mauja.. enjoy

jab we met - mauja mauja

Prashant got engaged to Archana on 14th December 2008 in Rajkot

Sagar and Challa families are pleased to announce the engagement of Prashant ( MBA ), grandson of Late Thakorlal Gokaldas Sagar (Madhavpur Ghed - Shaurashtra), son of Mrs Pravinaben and Mr Vrujlal Thakorlal Sagar currently based at Rajkot to Archana ( B.Com ), granddaughter of Late Chunilal Laljibhai Challa (Jamjodhpur - Saurashtra), daughter of Mrs Vinaben and Mr Naginbhai Chunibhai Challa of Rajkot (previously based at Nairobi, Kenya) on Sunday, 14th December 2008

Prashant would like to dedicate his favourite song to Archana "Zindagi Kaise hai paheli hai" from the movie Anand starring Rajesh Khanna. Manna Dey�s voice is simply touching. This song reflect on the philosophical meaning of Zindagi and the meaning of happiness in life....enjoy