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Engagement Announcements



Engagement Announcement: 

Jaydeep to  Briyana

With grace of Shrinathji Bawa 

Jaydeep, son of  Pragnaben and Sanjay Nandlal Dhanak of Maryland (USA) ,  Grandson of Lalitaben and Late Nandlal Tulsidas Dhanak of  Nairobi (Kenya) and Dhrafa (India) 

got engaged to 

Briyana, daughter of  Rashmiben and Sanjay Patel  of Maryland (USA) on 14th August 2021.

Congratulations to Dhanak and Patel Family.



Mombasa Samaj Engagement Announcements:

Shyam got engaged to Ayushi in Mombasa


It is with great joy & pride that the Sakaria family announces the engagement of
Shyam, son of Sheelaben & Rajeshbhai Sakaria to
Ayushi, daughter of Bhaveshreeben & Rakeshbai Hansraj Solanki today.



Congratulations & best wishes to the newly engaged couple.




- Mombasa Samaj committee


Neel got engaged to Mamta in Mombasa

Mamta - Neel

It is with great pleasure & blessings of Mataji we announce the engagement of
NEEL KISHOR VAYA son to Kishorbhai Naranji Vaya (vice president, Mombasa Samaj) and Minaben Kishor Vaya to
MAMTA GOHIL daughter to Kamalbhai Manilal Gohill & Dakshaben Kamal Gohil.



Vishal got engaged to Shalini in Mombasa

Vishal - Shalini

The family of Dr. Dinesh Soni and Prafulla Soni




are pleased to announce the engagement of their son Vishal to Shalini




d/o Rajesh & Falguni Shukla on Sunday 31st August 2014.




On the auspicious day of Rishi Panchmi 2070, Vishal and Shalini have committed to unite as life partners. Official formalities will be informed later.








Jaydip of Mombasa, Kenya got engaged to Devyani of Madhapar, India

Jaydip - Devyani


Jaydip Rajeshbhai Soni,
Grandson of Late Mr. Shivjibhai Morarji Sakaria & Late Mrs. Kamlaben Shivjibhai Sakaria and
Son of Mr. Rajeshbhai Shivjibhai Morarji & Mrs. Sheelaben Rajeshbhai Soni of Mombasa, Kenya
Got engaged to
Devyani Parshotam Solanki
Granddaughter of Late Mr. Khengar Damji Solanki & Mrs. Jayaben khengar Solanki
Daughter of Mr. Parshotam Khengar Solanki & Mrs. Veena Parshotam Solanki of Madhapar Bhuj, Gujarat, India.

Both families are Kansara Sonis who have joined Shree Parajia Pattni Samaj in Mombasa.

Engagement ceremony took place in Madhapar , Gujarat, India on 25th February 2014 at the Madhapar Soni Wadi









Divyesh got engaged to Sneha on 15th July Sunday 2012 in Nairobi


Mrs Vimlaben Lalit Pattni and Lalitbhai Muljibhai Pattni of Nairobi are proud to announce the engagement of their son Divyesh to Sneha d/o Late Sheilaben Umit Shah and Umit Gurvantbhai Shah. The engagement ceremony was held at Shree Visa 0swal Majanwarid, Limuru Road on Sunday, 15th July 2012.


From Webmaster:


Congratulations on your engagement. This is first step towards commitment for a lifetime. May God's blessings be upon you both in everything you plan in your lives.


This video Woh pehli baar hum jab mile is specially dedicated to Divyesh and Sneha. Enjoy..








Khila - Jay                                 

                               Nikhila - Devan




Khilna got engaged to Jay in Nairobi

Khilna d/o Mrs Chandrikaben and Nileshbhai Vora of Nairobi got engaged to Jay s/o Late Pradiumal Bhanjibhai Challa of Nairobi On Sunday 6th November 2011. The engagement ceremony took place at the Pattni Brother Hood Hall, Nairobi


Nikhila got engaged to Devan in Nairobi

Nikhila d/o Late Pradiumal Bhanjibhai Challa of Nairobi got engaged to Devan s/o Mrs Meeenaben Kishorbhai Vaya and Mr Kishorbhai Narandas Vaya (Vice Chairman, Mombasa Pattni Soni Samaj) of Mombasa on Sunday 6th November 2011. Engagement ceremony took place at the Pattni Brother Hood Hall.


From Editor:

This is yet another double announcement - brother and sister both getting engaged at the same time. Our best wishes to both the couples on their engagement. May Mataji showers you all with loads of love and bless them with a lifetime of happiness together.

We take a trip to memory lane with this beautiful nostalgic song "Mere mehboob mein kya nahin" especially dedicated to the newly engaged couples. Enjoy..







Ketan got engaged to Krishna on Thursday 8th July 2010 in London

The families of Mr Dilip Narotam Haridas Dhanak (ex- Mombasa Haveliwala) and Mr Rajnikant Monjibhai Ghaghada of Sharjah (ex-Kampala) are pleased to announce the following:


With the blessing of Shreenathji and elders, Ketan, beloved son of Bhartiben and Dilip Narotam Haridas Dhanak of London got engaged to Krishna beloved daughter of Yasmitaben and Rajnikant Monjibhai Ghaghada of Sharjah, UAE on Thursday 8th July 2010 in London


From Editor:
We are so happy that your path has brought you two together. Love is not about looking each other in the eyes, but about looking together in the same direction.

Best wishes to Ketan and Krishan.

We dedicate a beautiful medley dance to the couple. Enjoy....




Priya got engaged to Umesh on Sunday 27th June 2010 in London


The families of Shree Pranlal Chhaganbhai Arjan Dhanak (originally of Lalpur, ex-Mombasa) and Shree Mahendrabhai Jagjivanbhai Jeram Kara Ghaghada (originally of Bhanvad, ex-Saroti) proudly announce the following:


With the blessings of Mataji and elders, Priya, daughter of Smt. Kumudben and Shree Pranlalbhai Chhaganlal Arjan Dhanak (Editor/Webmaster Pattni Connection website) got engaged to Umesh, son of Smt. Rekhaben and Shree Mahendrabhai Jagjivanbhai Jeram Kara Ghaghada on Sunday 27th June 2010. Both families reside in London.


We dedicate to Priya and Umesh, their favourite music video "tere bina"... enjoy

For the full special engagement announcement click : Priya - Umesh Engagement





Seetal got engaged to Kishan in Leicester on Sunday 28.03.2010

The families of Soni Shree Anil Kantilal Dhanak and Soni Shree Ashwinbhai Govindji Kagdadia proudly announce the following.

With the blessings of God and elders, Miss Seetal daughter of Soni Shree Ashwinbhai Govindji Kagdadia (past president and current trustee - PPA Leicester) and Mrs Sandhyaben Ashwin Kagdadia is now engaged to Kishan son of Soni Shree Anilbhai Kantilal Dhanak and Mrs Vimlaben Anil Dhanak. Both families reside in Leicester.

Blessings from parents: God bless Kishan and Seetal with a long and happy life together.

From Editor:

It's all going well for Seetal. After graduating in B.A. Graphic Design (click Graduation Announcements), getting engaged is another major milestone in her life. Best Wishes to Seetal and Kishan on their engagement - May you build a lifetime of happiness from your love for each other. We dedicate Seetal�s favourite romantic song with English subtitles. Enjoy.




Nitin (London) got engaged to Sonal in Dubai on 5.3.2010

Dhanak and Vaya families are pleased to announce the engagement of Nitin, son of Mrs Manjuben and Mr Ashvinbhai Damjibhai Dungershibhai Dhanak of London to Sonal, daughter of Ranjanben and Kishorebhai Mohanbhai Vaya of Dubai on Friday 5th March 2010 in Dubai.


From editor: Engagement is a special moment in time. Many congratulations to Nitin and Sonal on their engagement and wish you both every blessing and happiness in your engaged and married life together. This is also a proud moment for both parents who must be excited hearing such wonderful news.


As Nitin's family is originally from Lalpur, Jamnagar, we embed a special video on Jamnagar dedicated to the happy couple. This is a beautiful and a must see video for all. Enjoy..

Cool Morning of Jamnagar - Beautiful Lakhota Lake and Shree Bal Hanuman Mandir

which has Guinness Book of world records for non-stop chanting since 1964



Shiv got engaged to Manisha in Leicester on 15.10.2009

Visaman and Ghaghada Families are pleased to announce the engagement of Shiv, beloved son of Mrs Prityben and Ashokbhai Visaman of Leicester  UK to Manisha, beloved daughter of  Mrs Hansaben and Mr Natwarlal Kanjibhai Ghaghada of Sharjah UAE on Thursday, 15.10.2009 - auspicious day of Dhanteras

Congratulations and best wishes to Shiv and Manisha on their engagement on the auspicious day of Dhanteras, dedicated to Laxmi Maa. In our culture, bahu is called Ghar ki Laxmi Betiyann. Congratulations also to the families of Ashokbhai and Natubhai.


As we are in the Diwali festive mood, we have dedicated this golden oldie classic. PIYA TOSE NAINA LAAGE RE - This song that has gone down in history as one of the finest dance numbers. Enjoy this 8 minute piece marathon song.




Alok got engaged to Karishma in Houston on 31.12.2008

Alok beloved son on Shobhaben and Prabodhbhai Shukla of Houston, Texas, USA got engaged to Karishma, beloved daughter of Artiben and Bhaskerbhai Maganlal Pattni (Challa) of Luton, UK on the 31st December 2008.


Congratulations to Alok and Karishma on your engagement and best wishes to a happy life. May God smile upon you in your new life together. We dedicate a special video of six beautiful love songs with English subtitles from the new film Rab Ne Banadi Jodi - God has joined this couple together


Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi - All 6 songs - enjoy......



Vishal got engaged to Falguni in Leicester on 30.11.2008

Dhanak and Sagar families are pleased to announce the engagement of Vishal (MBA), son of Mrs Chandrikaben and Mr Mukunbhai Sunderjibhai Dhanak of Leciester to Falguni, daughter of Mrs Vanitaben and Mr Natwarlal Shantilal Sagar of Dubai on Sunday, 30th November 2008 - Magshar Sud Trij (3), 2065

Congratulation and best wishes to Vishal and Falguni.

As Falguni is from UAE, we appropriately dedicate this Arab Music "Nari Nari," video by the Egyptian singer Hisham Abbas. Set in India, with a bollywood touch..Enjoy




Amrish got engaged to Erica

We are very pleased to announce that our son Amrish is engaged to Erica Bliss.  They met while doing their MBA at Cornell University, Ithaca NY.  Erica's family lives in Palo Alto, California.

Ramesh and Sandhya Pattni, Boston MA (parents)

(Ramesh Amratlal Bhagwanji Pattni (Dhanak) from Tanga, Tanzania (home town - Kutiyana))

Congratulations to you both & all the best wishes for the future. We dedicate this song "Dayya Dayya Re"  ....enjoy



Priyal got engaged to Amar on 13th July 2008

The families of Bharat Bhimjibhai Ratanshi Dhanak of Mombasa and Ashok Bhagwanjibhai Devji Ghaghada are proud to announce the engagement of Priyal, beloved daughter of Neetaben and Bharat Bhimjibhai Ratanshi Dhanak to Amar, son of Ushaben and Ashok Bhagwanjibhai Devji Ghaghada on 13th July 2008 auspicious day of Ashad Sud Agiaras (11), 2064


Congratulations and best wishes to the newly engaged couple. We dedicate a special Bollywood Sagai video clip to Priyal and Amar. enjoy


Aaj Hai Sagai - Today is the engagement