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Jai Shri Krishna

Shree Pranjivanbhai Mavji Satikuvar

Om Namah Shivaya

14th Feb 2014

Mangal mandir kholo
   Dayaamay.. Mangal mandir kholo.

Jeevan-van ati vege vataavyu,
   Dwaar ubho shishu bholo.
   Dayaamay.. Mangal mandir kholo




Pranjivan Mavji Satikuvar, was born in Zanzibar in 1929.  He was brought up by his mother Lalitaben, who was a nurse/midwife with his father, Mavji Devji, having died when he was a young boy.  Pranjivanbhai grew up in difficult circumstances, helping his mother bring up his siblings.    These experiences moulded him to be the person we all knew and loved.  The hardship that he faced made him very determined to ensure his own family would not suffer the same fate.


He moved to Nairobi, Kenya at a young age to work as a craftsman at a jewelry workshop and later used to make and supply rings to other jewelers.  Pranjivanbhai‘s adventurous nature took him to Tabora, Tanzania where he lived and worked for about 4 years. Like many of his generation, through hard work and determination, he managed to bring over his family from Junaghad and moved back to Nairobi.  Together with his brothers, he opened Pattni Jewelers and was a successful businessman, travelling across Africa, Europe and the Middle East.


Pranjivanbhai loved people and travel, making friends of all ages with an infectious sense of humour.  While visiting the historical sites in the USA, Europe and elsewhere, he would manage the different languages, cultures and foods through his warm smile and natural inquisitiveness.  At another time, while walking through the Blue Mountains in Australia, we turned a corner to find him surrounded by an Indian family who were enjoying his tales and insisting that he come home with them.  As well as walking, he also loved music, ranging from Ravi Shankar to The Beatles, even teaching his children the 1960s dance crazes such as The Twist. 


The teachings of Mahatma Gandhi were central to his personal philosophy.  Pranjivanbhai taught his children that if you change yourself, you change the world. If you change how you think, then you will change how you feel and what actions you take and so the world around you will change.  Pranjivanbhai was generous in helping those in need around him, for example arranging as well as paying for weddings in his home town, doing so in a manner that was humble and giving respect to all involved, regardless of their circumstances.


In the latter part of his life, Pranjivanbhai unfortunately fell ill with dementia through Alzheimer's.  This debilitating illness has become more common in our community.  His eldest son, Pankaj with his wife, Rekha led the family in caring for him.  They surrounded him with love and kindness, providing support as he coped with the loss of functions caused by this illness. 


Pranjivanbhai is survived by his wife, Ramaben, and their six children and ten lovely grandchildren.  He was a generous, thoughtful and kind human being who had a wealth of love for others, especially his family.  His life and memory are an inspiration and he will remain in their hearts forever. 


Shawl presentation by Pattni Brotherhood, Nairobi Trustees


As per Hindu tradition, after the passing of the father, the eldest son assumes headship of the family. A shawl was presented by the Trustees of Pattni Brotherhood at the sormu dham, to the eldest son Pankaj to signify the transition of responsibility for the protection and welfare of the family from the father to the surviving oldest son.


The Mavji family would like to express our thanks to all the relatives, friends and members of the community for their support, sympathy and condolences by personal visit, telephone, message and paying their respects at the funeral.

Jai Shree Krishna

Ramaben Pranjivan Mavji (wife) -  Nairobi, Kenya

Pankaj Pranjivan Mavji, Nairobi, Kenya
Vijay Pranjivan Mavji, Sydney, Australia

Nalini Ashok Pattni - USA
Sangita Kamlesh Mulji - UK
Anila Mitesh Dhanak - UK
Sonia Rakesh Patel - UK

Priyesh Mavji, Dishant Mavji - Nairobi, Kenya
Akhil Mavji, Ankita Mavji, Anjali Mavji -  Sydney, Australia

Ramnikbhai Mavji Pattni - Nairobi, Kenya
(Late) Bhanubhai Mavji Pattni - UK

Shantaben Bhagwanji Sagar (sister)

Rekha Pankaj Mavji - Nairobi, Kenya
Neesha Vijay Mavji - Nairobi, Kenya


Satikuvar Family