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2023 Death Announcements India - UAE


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Om Namah Shivaya

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Yashwantbhai Kanjibhai Karsan Kagadada, Mumbai

It is with great regret that we inform the members of our community that
Yashwantbhai Kanjibhai Karsan Kagadada (Rathod), age 65
very sadly passed away on
Tuesday 11th April 2023
Tithi: Chaitra Vad 5-6, 2079
in Charcop, Kandivali, Mumbai.

Jai Shree Krishna
Late Kanji Karsan & Motiben Kanji Kagdada (parents)
Late Mansukhlal Kanjibhai & Dipakbhai Kanjibhai (Brothers)
Late Madhuben, Late Rajiben, Late Sarojben, Late Hansaben, Late Shobnaben and Induben (Sisters)
Priteshkumar (son)
Danabhai Bhagwanji Dhorda (Saparwara) (father-in-law)

For further information, please contact:
Mumbai, India:

Pritesh +9188502 88221
Ameet  +917021791071

London, UK
Kantilal Maganlal Pattni +44 7950185583 (UK) (Cousin)
Mahendra Maganlal Pattni +44 07850032392 (UK) (Cousin)







Pravinchandra Kakubhai Ghaghda, Sharjah, UAE
(Passed away in Kutiyana)

It is with great regret that we inform the members of our community that

Pravinchandra Kakubhai Ghaghda, age 73
very sadly passed away at 6.15pm on
Tuesday, 28th March 2023
Tithi: Chatra Sud Satam, 2079
in Kutiyana, India.

Jai Shree Krishna
Late Kakubhai Odhavji & Late Kantaben Kakubhai � Parents
Jyotiben Pravinchandra � Wife

Ritesh, Ketan (Dubai)
Daughter in Law: Bhavika Ritesh
Grandchildren: Ishita Ritesh, Tia Ritesh, Kiyaan Ketan

Brothers and Sisters:
Manoj Kakubhai Ghaghada (Leicester)
Rasik Kakubhai Ghaghada (Leicester U.K)
Kanchanben Dharamsi Vaya (Rajkot)
Umaben Srikant Vaya (Leicester, U.K)

Nirmala Manoj, Usha Rasik (Sister in Law)
Dharamsi Vaya, Shrikant Vaya (Brother in Law)

For further information, please contact:
Manoj: 07736 680320
Rasik: 07971358178






Jayantilal Ramjibhai Ghaghda, Bhanvad, India

It is with great regret that we inform the members of our community that
Jayantilal Ramjibhai Ghaghda, age 84
sadly passed away at 2.30am on
Monday 9th January 2023.
Tithi: Posh Vad 17 2079
in, Bhanvad, India.


Prayer Meeting and Funeral Arrangements

 Jai Shree Krishna

Jayantilal Ramjibhai Ghaghada Family

2nd wife Mrs Muktaben Jayantilal Ghaghda, India
1st wife - Late Mrs Damyantiben Jayantilal Ghaghda

Ragnesh Jayantilal Ghaghda, India

Daughters and son in laws:
Sandhya Ashwin Kagdadia, England
Ashwin Govindji Kagdadia, England - son in law
Jagruti Kantilal Patt, India
Kantilal Mangaldas Patt, India - son in law
Naina Vijaybhai Dhakan
Vijaybhai Dhakan, India - son in law
Smeeta Rajeshbhai Dhakan, India
Rajeshbhai Dhakan, India - son in law
Raksha Rajendrabbai Dhakan, India
Rajendrabhai Dhakan, India - son in law
Mina Amitbhai Dhakan, Uganda
Amitbhai Dhakan, Uganda - son in law

Mrs Seetal Kishan Dhanak, England
Kishan Dhanak, England - grandson in law
Jaydev Ashwin Kagdadia, England
Purvi Kishan Vaya, Dubai
Kishan Vaya, Dubai - grandson in law
Bhargav Patt, India
Manali Bhargav Patt, India - granddaughter in law
Vandna Ravi Kumar Vaya, India
Ravi Kumar Vaya, India - grandson in law
Mukundrai Vijaybhai Dhakan, India
Foram Vijaybhai Dhakan, India
Jaybhai Rajeshbhai Dhakan, India
Mahi Rajendrabhai Dhakan, India

Great grandchildren:
Veer Kishan Dhanak, England
Avni Kishan Dhanak, England
Ashika Kishan Dhanak, England
Shruti Kishan Vaya , Dubai

For further information please contact:
Ragnesh Jayantilal Ghaghda - +919375847588