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BAPs Swaminarayan Mandir: Challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic: Let us support each other


Message received from BAPs Swaminarayan Mandir, London
Forwarded by Narottambhai Kanji Pattni (BAPs Volunteer)

Dear Karyakar

I am writing to you on the recommendation of P Yogvivek Swami to seek your help in contacting the key Gujarati organisations.

As a community, we are all facing the same challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, as we are aware, a number of organisations and individuals have risen to  support their respective communities  in different ways.

The purpose of our phone calls to the organisations is to share  the experiences and  work being done, to learn from each other and to explore how we can support each other.

The attached list includes the names of the organisation and the  designated BAPS lead.

Whilst you are all experienced in communicating the right message, we have produced some guidelines for all OCR volunteers which you may find helpful.

Objective of our call to Samaj heads - to establish our connection and explore areas of mutual concern and where we can support each other.

Guidance notes:
1. Calling you to introduce as the contact person between BAPS and your organisation
2. In these challenging times, it is important to maintain our connection with all the organisations and individuals with whom we have developed 
    a close relationship over the years.
3. How are you supporting your community?
4. Are there any areas that we can support each other and our communities?........leads on to the initiatives undertaken by BAPS
5. Initiatives taken by BAPS in UK-


 Information on all our activities to support Covid 19 Pandemic is available on https://www.baps.org/News/2020/COVID-19-Pandemic-Serving-the-Community-18703.aspx.

hank you very much for your help.

Please update Kiritbhai Wadia once you have made the telephone calls.

Jay Swaminarayan
Dr Mayank R Shah
BAPS National Office, UK
BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
105-119 Brentfield Road
Neasden, London NW10 8LD, UK
T: 020 8521 5395/0333 332 2221(off)
M: 07801 414663
E: mayank.shah@uk.baps.org
W: londonmandir.baps.org | baps.org