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Happy Case of Mistaken Identity

Pran Soni
Editor – Pattni Connection

Pran Sikand
 The Great Legend - the Bollywood's biggest villain

When you receive e-mails from unknown senders, one would normally consider it as junk mail and not respond. Similarly, I had one person named Deepak (not a Pattni) from UAE, who had been sending two or three e-mails without fail every week for past three years. He made an extra effort to find really good and informative e-mails and forwarded to me. Although his e-mails were very interesting I never acknowledged his mails as I considered them as junk.


Then last Saturday, I received a message from Deepak addressed personally to me:

Dear Pran Saheb

Since I know your right e.mail id as I am just sending e.mails to you expecting that one day you will respond to my e.mails. Right now I am working in Dubai in one of the reputed Shipping company.

Anyway, How are you and how is your family…I do not know why but I love to see your movies…


After reading the last line that I realised that this Deepak thought that he was sending e-mails to that veteran and a legend actor Pran!! Deepak adored Pran and was going out of his way to find interesting mails and forwarding to impress him!

Since my personal e-mail ID is just Pran without a surname, Deepak somehow got my ID and thought that the ID belonged to Pran, the actor.

I had to clarify this mistaken identity and sent him my following reply:

Dear Deepak
Thank you for your e-mail.

Yes I am getting your regular e-mails for past three years.  However I always considered these mails as junk and never responded. To be quite honest, I am not sure whether we know each other and seem that there may be some confusion on your part.

I am not Pran, that famous legend actor you are referring to. I am Pran, a businessman and a soni based in London!!! So I hope you are not disappointed!!
By the way I always enjoyed your mails so do keep forwarding.
Best Regards
Pran - Pattni Soni

Deepak’s response:

Namastey & Good morning,

Thanks for your response. It is now proved that Pran is not only the one who plays negative role.

There are others lovely like you… For me now you’re the LEGEND PRAN.

Deepak love you.


We have since decided to keep in touch regularly and be good friends.

Its amazing to know that Pran, the famous actor now aged 87, retired from acting many years ago yet been remembered by millions as one of the greatest villain on Hindi screen.

Pran the Legend Actor

His real name is Pran Krishan Sikand. The legendary "Villain of the Millennium" has had a marathon six decades long career in Hindi Cinema and is one of the most celebrated actors of the industry.

In 2001, he was honoured and given “Padma Bhushan”, India's third highest civilian award from the Government of India.


A dreaded villain, Pran was so successful at bringing negative shades alive that for years people didn't name their children Pran because of the fear his name generated.

This particular fact came to light when a group of college students, members of a Pran fan club, came to Mumbai to meet their screen idol.

They related to a surprised Pran their curiosity at a lack of a Pran amongst them, which led them to research the rolls of the various educational institutions of Uttar Pradesh, where they themselves were students. They were astonished to find not a single student with the name Pran.

Pran, needless to say, felt that, as an actor, it was one of the greatest compliments he could receive. He felt that to be in the company of Ravana (a name similarly forsaken by mothers over the centuries) was the highest compliment a 'villain' could receive.

"We want to reward the mother who had the courage to name her son Pran in those years when it was a taboo," Sikand told the reporters. Thus he organized a competition – The Hunt for Pran

The Hunt for Pran

In August 2004,  the publishers of the biography of Pran conducted a worldwide search for the oldest person called Pran, born after 1960 and will invite the person (and his 'brave' mother, to receive the first copy of Pran's biography at the Book Launch on 1st October 2004 in Mumbai.

A parallel competition could be held for the youngest 'Pran', born before 1960, to identify the extent of the missing years when the name 'Pran' was considered taboo.


Details of "The Hunt for Pran" Competition
Selection criteria: Two sets of winners:

1. Birth after 1960 - oldest "new" Pran

2. Birth before 1960 - youngest "old" Pran

3. The year 1960 is indicative only and 1955 or some other date may be applicable - the intention is to find the people best identifying the time limits of the missing generation.

Entering the competition
Many Pran from India and abroad entered the competition. I also entered the competition hoping to meet the legend Pran. Unfortunately I didn’t qualify as I was born before Pran became famous as an actor.

I also sent an e-mail to Arvind.  Pran’s son suggesting that it would be nice to arrange a social gathering of all Pran regardless of the competition and that we all come at our own expense. Unfortunately, he found this not practical.


Today Pran at the age of 87, is a satisfied man with an illustrious 60 years career in the film industry and feels if he is born again he would like to be born as PRAN again.

His words at the book launch:
Guzre hue zamaane ka ab tazkaraa hi kya,

Achcha guzar gayaa, bahut achcha guzar gayaa.


Alas, they do not make actors like him any more.


Long live Pran……I mean Pran Sikand!!

Pran C. Arjan Dhanak


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