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An Ageing Population Report


Lord Dolar Popat

Former UK Minister of the Crown
and Government Minister
for Business and Transport


An Ageing Population and the impact of Coronavirus Covid-19 on our community

- Pranlal C Arjan. Webmaster, Pattni Connection.

July 2020

"An Ageing Population Report" by Lord Dolar Popat

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a drastic and unprecedented impact on our lives - much of which we have never experienced in the lifetime of most of us.
One of the areas that it has highlighted is the urgency of better serving our ageing population and need to strengthen the determination to address the
implications of the elderly within our community.

The UK population lives longer and the government institutions have mechanism to address that. However, our Pattni Community and the Indian community
in general, is woefully unprepared.

Lord Dolar Popat, former UK Minister of the Crown and Government Minister for Business and Transport was asked by the Lohana Community to commission
a report to explore the impact of an ageing population and how they can better address it.

Thank You Lord Popat

I would like to thank my good friend, Lord Dolar Popat for sending me the 76-page A4 size hard copy of the report last month entitled "An Ageing Population Report".

The report took over a year to compile, after taking evidence from over 120 people and consulting various organisations throughout the country. Whilst the
report was commissioned before Covid-19, the pandemic helped highlight the urgency for the community at large to address this issue.

GDPR Privacy Regulations

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sources and material that is published in PC is either authorised with consent by the families concerned or by the elected committee members.

I am grateful to Lord Popat and Yatin Dawada, President of the Lohana Community in the UK for giving us the consent to publish and in order to comply with
GDPR Privacy Regulations.

Thank You Councillor Ameet Jogia 

I also take this opportunity to thank Ameet Jogia for his assistance in editing and preparing the e-copy.

Executive Summary of the Report

An ageing crisis: the facts

Impact of Covid-19 pandemic



Pressures on medical care

The importance of family care and support

Housing shortages


A funding crisis - Financial planning

Strengthening inter-generational links

This ageing issue is not unique to the Lohana Community. I am sure that many of the findings from this report will be relevant to most other British
Indian communities - including our Pattni Community.  Perhaps we could consider implementing ideas to follow suit and formulate similar strategies
to deal with an ageing population.

We hope that this report will initiate a mature discussion and be of use to our community and members. I would suggest that it has implications not
only in UK but worldwide in the Pattni Community.

Special General Meeting

A special general meeting will be arranged with Lord Popat for all members once it is safe to do so.  The idea will be to meet and discuss the key
challenges, recommendations of this report and debate such steps our community can take as a whole for the benefit of an ageing population.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the enormous time and effort that Lord Popat and his team have invested to compile this report.
It will act as a key milestone in the transformation of many British Indian communities for generations to come.

Pranlal C. Arjan Dhanak
Editor / Webmaster / Admin

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An Ageing Population by Lord Dolar Popat