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New Pattni Connection Advisory Panel

PattniConnection - Advisory Panel - Invitation to join us as Webmasters

Pattni Connection - Advisory Panel - Invitation to join us as Webmasters

Message from Chairman - Bharat Narshidas Mithabhai Ghaghada

I have recently returned from my visit to Kenya, at which time I took the opportunity to meet with Advisory Panel Secretary, Ajay Bhagwanjibhai Devjibhai Ghaghada in Mombasa and Panel member, Harshadbhai Popatlal Rana Dhorda in Nairobi. 

I have also met up with Advisory Panel Member and Webmaster, Pranlal Chhaganlal Arjanbhai Dhanak after returning to the UK and had met with Panel member Amit Ramniklal Amratlal Vaya before I travelled to Kenya.

I have spoken with Kantilal Amershibhai Ghaghada on the telephone as well.

In all these meetings we discussed the formalisation of the Advisory Panel (discussions on which had been taking place over the last few months). 

The Terms of Reference for the Advisory Panel were signed by each of the Panel members and this formalised the handover of control of PattniConnection website to the Advisory Panel as announced on PattniConnection recently.

Seeking new regional webmasters   

One of the first tasks for the Advisory Panel is to seek new Assistant Webmasters in the main regions where our Pattni Community reside, that is in India, East and South Africa, UAE and UK and perhaps also USA.

Some interest has already been shown by enthusiastic Pattni Community members who are keen to serve the Community and expressed a wish to act as Assistants to the Webmaster of PattniConnection. 

These will be further explored, and appointments made in due course.

I would like to invite Pattni Community members from each of the regions, who are interested in serving the Community through PattniConnection, to contact the Advisory Panel through Secretary, Ajay Bhagwanjibhai via email at

Applicants should provide their CV (bio-data) and background of working with their local Samaj and other organisations and provide details of experience with websites (not essential at this stage).  In order to maintain the high standard of PattniConnection, applicants should be proficient in writing and editing to prepare material for publication.  General knowledge of Gujarati will be preferable but not essential.  The Advisory Panel will review all applications and decide on making appointments.  Any appointments will be on a voluntary basis only.  Further information can also be obtained from the Advisory Panel Secretary.   

This is a first step in taking PattniConnection forward and serving the Pattni Community for the future.  I also look forward to receiving any feedback and suggestions from our wider Pattni Community.

Jai Mataji

Bharat Narshidas Mithabhai Ghaghada

Advisory Panel Chairman