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Meeting with Vadodara Soni Parivar

by Bharat Narshidas Ghaghda, Chairman of Pattni Connection Advisory Panel, Jasu Ghaghada (Birmingham PPA President, Sulochana Vaya (Luton PPA President) and Jagdish Dullabhdas Vaya (PPA Luton past President. 

On his recent visit to India, Bharat Narshidas Ghaghada, Chairman of the Pattni Connection Advisory Panel met up with the Parajiya Soni Parivar in Vadodara (Baroda), Gujarat.

There is not a formal Parajiya Samaj in Vadodara, but the Parajiya Soni families have created an informal group called Parajiya Soni Parivar.  There are about 40 Parajiya families with about 150 members in total, residing in and around Vadodara and a group of the families try and meet on the first Sunday each month.  There is no formal committee, but unity amongst the families is excellent.

Guests from UK met representatives of the group and enjoyed hospitality at the residences
of Rahulbhai Pravinbhai Soni (Luhar) and Sushilbhai Himatlal Rathod.

They are very pleased that the information available on is very welcome and keeps everyone informed about the Pattni Community worldwide.


Pattni Connection Advisory Chairman Bharatbhai
welcomed in Luton, Nairobi and Mombasa

Visit to Luton with Amit, PPA National President

Before making the formal announcemnt of the Advisory Panel, the Panel Chairman Bharatbhai Narshi Mitha Ghaghada accompanied by President Amit Ramniklal Vaya, PPA National President & Leicester visited Luton  to meet President Sulochana Jagdish Vaya, Luton PPA President. Sulochana on behalf of PPA Luton pledged full support to the new Advisory Panel. Photo of the visit is posted on the website.

Kenya Visit

Bharatbhai then made a planned visit to Nairobi and Mombasa accompanied by his wife Jasuben. Sulochana and her husbnad Jagdish also joined Bharatbhai to visit Kenya.

Visit to Nairobi Pattni Brotherhood (PBH) 

The PBH trustees and the committee welcomed Chairman Bharatbhai and his Jasuben. Bharatbhai briefed them of the formation of the New Advisory Panel. The trustees and the committee were happy to see the progress. They then had a telephonic discuusion with Pranbhai, Pattni Connection webmaster and pledged their full support to the Panel. Photo of the visit are posted on the website.

Visit to Mombasa
Luton Samaj President Sulochna Jagdish Vaya and Jagdish Dullabhai Vaya on their visit to Mombasa accompanied by Bharatbhai Narshi Mitha Ghagdha & Mrs Jasuben Bharat Ghagdha from Birmingham were welcomed by the Mombasa Samaj members.

They pledged their full support to the new Advisory Panel and exchanged ideas of how to bring our members closer and foster unity. A healthy discussion was focussed on how to bring the youth on board to run our respective institutions.

A token of appreciation was presented by Shree Parajiya Pattni Samaj Mombasa to Sulochnaben.



Chairman Bharatbhai with the Advisory Panel members -
Harshadbhai Rana in Nairobi and Ajay B Pattni in Mombasa