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Pattni Connection Advisory Panel
Chairman. Mr Bharat Narshidas (Ghaghada). Cell # +44 7468 414536, email
Hon. Sec. Mr Ajay Bhagwanji (Ghaghada). Cell # + 254 733 728006, email

Announcement: Formation of Pattni Connection Limited
Transfer of Website Ownership

Another step forward safeguarding the future of PattniConnection.

It is with much pleasure that we can announce that PattniConnection is now in the ownership of a new limited company called Pattni Connection Limited - Registered in England.

This is a Limited Company by Guarantee, which means that there are no shares and one owns the company.  It will be under the control of the Advisory Panel members. As the members of the Advisory Panel change, so will the control change.

The day to day operation of the PattniConnection Website and Facebook Group will continue to be under the control of the Webmasters and all communications should continue as before.

The Advisory Panel would like to formally record its grateful thanks to Pranlal Arjan for everything that he has done over the last 15 years to set up and establish the website as the premier communication channel. His selfless service to the Pattni Community Worldwide over such a long period and handing over the reins without any conditions or expectation from the Pattni Community is much appreciated.  The whole community owes him a debt of gratitude.

PattniConnection will continue and go from strength to strength. More Webmasters will continue to be appointed.

PattniConnection will be actively involved in Pattni Samaj events across the World.  PattniConnection will be playing an important role in the forthcoming World gathering in Rajkot, India in January, with the celebrations for the completion of the work on Mohanbhai Hall.

We wish you all a Peaceful Festive season and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Jai Shree Krishna

Other members on the advisory panel,

Mr Pranlal C Dhanak, current Webmaster of Pattni Connection, Mr Harshadbhai P Rana, Trustee PBH, Nairobi,

Mr Kantilal Ghaghada, President, Jamnagar Samaj, Mr Amit R Pattni (Vaya), President Leicester Samaj


The Future of Pattni Connection is Secured

New International Advisory Panel takes over Pattni Connection

 After months of discussions, we are pleased to inform the community that a new Advisory Panel has been formed that will take over Pattni Connection.
Pattni Connection Advisory Panel

Message from Bharatbhai Narshidas Pattni (Chairman)

It was nearly 14 years ago on 24th February 2005 when the Pattni Connection website was launched. Pattni Connection (PC) website has accomplished a great deal over these years. With the scope of services (sewa) provided and the depth and breadth of network coverage, it is the global benchmark bringing our Parajiya Pattni Community Worldwide under one roof.
Pattni Connection website has surpassed over 1.1 million web hits and has a PC Facebook Group of over 3,800, which is quite remarkable for a small community like ours.These achievements are indeed a proud moment for all Parajiya Pattni Community worldwide.

All of the above has been achieved through the hard work and perseverance of Pranlal Chhaganlal Dhanak and I would like to praise and thank him for achieving such great success.
There comes a time when longevity and succession should be considered and Pranlal has recognised this as necessary for the future of PattniConnection. 

Don't worry, he is not about to retire from being Webmaster, but he has the foresight to consider the future.
In this respect it is with much pleasure that I would like to announce the setting up of an Advisory Panel for Pattni Connection.
The founding members of the Advisory Panel have been selected from across the Parajiya Pattni Community,
bringing together highly regarded members of the Community who have devoted their time to our Samaj. 

The members are:

Advisory Panel Members

Bharat Narshidas Mithabhai Ghaghada - Birmingham UK (Chairman) Past National President - Parajiya Pattni Association UK
Ajay Bhagwanjibhai Devjibhai Ghaghada - Mombasa Kenya(Secretary) Chairman - Parajia Pattni Samaj Mombasa
Harshadbhai Popatlal Rana Dhorda - Nairobi KenyaTrustee - Pattni Brotherhood Nairobi
Pranlal Chhaganbhai Arjanbhai Dhanak London UKPattniConnection Founder and Webmaster
Amit Ramniklal Amratlal Vaya - Leicester UK National President - Parajiya Pattni Association UK
Kantilal Amarshibhai Ghaghada - Jamnagar IndiaPresident - Jamnagar Samaj


Since its inception in 2005, the website has been run by Pranlal, who has been the principal Webmaster. In 2016, Vijay Vrajlal Pattni (Jagda) was appointed an assistant webmaster and there are proposals to invite and appoint other, more geographically based, assistant webmasters in the future.  This will safeguard the future of the website and Facebook Group.

To achieve governance on the appointment of future principal webmasters and assistant webmasters and further development of the website and Facebook Group and to preserve independence and integrity, the Advisory Panel will oversee the website and Facebook Group operation.
The Advisory Panel will provide innovative advice and dynamic perspective as well as support and assistance to the Webmaster for the development of policy, strategy and activity of and Facebook Group.

As Chairman of the Advisory Panel, I would ask the whole Parajiya Pattni Community to continue to support PattniConnection and
would like to open a Forum on PattniConnection to receive any positive and structured suggestions that you may wish the Advisory Panel to consider in respect of future development of the website and Facebook Group.

Finally, I would like to thank my fellow Panel members for showing their confidence in me and appointing me Chairman of the Advisory Panel.

Jai Mataji, Jai Shree Krishna
Bharat Narshidas Mithabhai Ghaghada